Obesity in America

I’ve been hearing an awful lot about the “Obesity Epidemic” lately. Most of it is stuff we’ve all heard over and over before: practice portion control, avoid junk food, don’t treat your stomach like a garbage disposal. But there are some points that I think are particularly important, especially for menopausal women.

First of all, there’s the definition of “junk food.” It’s not just the fatty, sugary garbage that your mother warned you against when you were a kid. It’s also the “useless” carbs – simple carbohydrates, like white bread, which are pretty much the same as sugar to your body – and all kinds of other refined, packaged foods. Most foods that come in packages have all kinds of chemicals added to them to preserve them on the shelf for longer or to make them tasty even when fat and other “bad” nutrients are stripped out. I’d rather have the fat.

What it all comes down to, I think, is the need to eat whole, organic foods. The less some scientist has gone mucking around with what you put on your dinnerplate, the better. Let’s get back to the basics, shall we?

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