A Little Peace and Quiet

Among the core problems I suffered with when in the worst of my menopause moments was a hypersensitivity to just about everything. The slightest sound, too much or too little light, fast movements – all of these and more set me off into a furious rage. Absolutely everything was annoying and I had no tolerance for any of it.

The good news is that all of that passes. If you’re living in such a constant state of “Just Leave Me Alone,” you can take hope in the fact that you’ll once again be able to bear everyday life. It’ll just take a little time.

While you’re waiting for that time to pass, there are some things you can do to relax and cool off. First of all, make sure your family knows about and respects your “me” time – and that they’re not allowed to bother you about anything in the midst of it. Spend this time doing something calming and soothing. Take a nice, soothing bath or read a good book. As much as I wanted to be alone when in these moods, I actually took quite a bit of comfort in my granddaughters’ rabbits. I would watch the fluffy little hop-alongs nose about in the grass, or pull one close and just stroke its silky fur.

Look for those little things that make you feel at ease and embrace them.

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  • i am so glad i found this blog! i am an american living in london and i’m just starting the ‘journey’ lol. i immediately got a few of suzanne sommers’ books (they are so enlightening) and began consuming mass amounts of information. i was worried at first because i read a review from someone in the UK who said biodentical hormones were not available here in the UK, but after a little investigation, i found they are and have made my first appt for next week. anyways, i’ll be checking in often so keep posting, i am enjoying all the information and stories!


    • I’ve read Suzanne Sommers’ books, too, and I love them! I’m very glad that you’ve found someone who can help you and I hope your appointment — and the therapy that follows! — goes well. Good luck to you, and thank you so much for reading!