A Look Back At A True Menopause Maniac Moment

Now that I’m under the hormone therapy wing of Dr. Lee I started reminiscing about the horrible menopause episodes I used to have with my sisters – one in particular comes to mind…

This is a prime example of my epic menopause bitchiness.

It was during the prime of my worst menopause symptoms – hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats – I was visiting my sister’s house. I was feeling so exhausted I could barely hold my head up during dinner. My sister said to me, “Hey, I bought you this scratch off lottery ticket. Maybe that will make you feel better!”

She tossed it at me and I thought, “Great, I can’t even scratch my own ass, I’ll be sure to get right on scratching this ticket!”

So, regardless of my relentless menopausal mood swing, I scratched off the ticket and I saw that I won TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. I immediately hid the ticket in my bra and started thinking about how to get out of my sister’s house and go claim my winnings. I just kept thinking I couldn’t tell her, or she’d TAKE MY MONEY!

She kept asking me to see the ticket and I kept saying no. Finally, after a full blown screaming match, she told me it was a fake ticket from a joke shop. It wasn’t real at all!! I immediately launched into hysterics, screaming louder, ready for a fight – and all my sister did was laugh.

Really nice to do to a homicidal, hormonally imbalanced woman.

Watch where you step sister, I’m still plotting my revenge.

Judy B.


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