A Menopausal Language of Flowers

I reckon this time of year makes me think of a rainbow of flowers in every yard. We’ve been getting our April Showers, to the May Flowers should be right pretty.

When I was younger, I right enjoyed the Victorian idea of a “Language of Flowers.” Who’s to say we can’t do something like that for Menopause, too? I reckon my flower would be forget-me-nots, because I need all the help I can get to remember just about everything!

Here’s a few more flowers and what I’d reckon to be their menopausal meanings:

  • Agrimony or Campanula – Thankfulness for still being around and kicking!
  • Baby’s Breath – Because we’re sure not having any more of our own
  • Yellow Carnations – For when we feel all down in the dumps
  • Coriander or Lime Blossoms – For when we’ve lost that bedroom-drive
  • Elderflower – Because we’re turning into elders, whether we like it or not
  • Aloe or Marigold– For when we’re grieving lost youth
  • Lobelia – For those right nasty mood swings
  • Olive – Because we’re searching for some peace and quiet!
  • Poppies – For all those nights when we just can’t sleep

That’s all for now. Take care, y’all!



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