A Teenage Point of View

Hey, everyone! I’m Crissy, Teresa’s daughter. Mom said I should post here to talk a little about what it’s like to live with her when she’s all menopausal.
Okay, so it’s crazy. I mean it! You just can’t talk to her any. She’ll yell at you to, like, clean your room or something, even when it’s already clean. You can get grounded for just about anything – even something like sneezing too loud. And she keeps the house so cold! Weird thing is, she’ll go from acting totally toasted to covering up with blankets. And don’t you even think about brining friends over!
Alright, so it’s not so bad any more. She’s acting totally normal most of the time, now. Most of the time. She still has her lapses of crazy. “Maniac moments,” she says. But they’re no where near as common. It’s because she’s doing stuff to keep her hormones where they need to be. I hope she never stops!
Crissy <3


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