Allow Me To Introduce BodyLogicMD of Miami Dr. Michael Lee

Well, as we all know I have started seeing Dr. Lee at BodyLogicMD of Miami. He has basically SAVED my life by treating me CORRECTLY and ACCURATELY with bioidentical hormone therapy.

Hear that all you idiot doctors I used to deal with?!?!

I digress.

I know a lot of you are curious about BodyLogicMD and what exactly goes on there, especially during your first visit. Here are two videos from my first visit with Dr. Lee, where he describes the results of my hormone testing, and a bunch of other good info.

Basically, I am in menopause hell during these videos. ENJOY!

Judy B.


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  • This has been fascinating to watch — thanks for sharing! I want to fly to Miami right now for an appointment with Dr. Lee. It is so reassuring to see the younger generation of doctors really taking treatment plans for menopause/hot flashes in a new direction. BTW, I’ve been reading the health info at Lots of holistic advice, part of the clinic founded by Dr. Christine Northrup, in-person or over the phone consults, and seems to function along the same lines as Dr. Lee/Body Logic. You might like it. Help is out there!