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Happy New Year!  Lots going on, I’ll elaborate more when I can…  I was reading the newspaper today and noticed an article in USA Today I wanted to share with you.  It was about Apple’s Steve Jobs discovering that he has a hormone imbalance.  Well go figure!

The guy is in his 50’s, has survived pancreatic cancer and lives with the stress of running a huge corporation.  I can’t say that I am surprised.  What does surprise me is how long it takes doctors to look into hormone imbalance as a factor in major health issues.  Jobs said in a public letter that “a sophisticated blood test confirmed [a hormone imbalance] diagnosis.”  I had to laugh, it’s probably the same comprehensive test panel that Dr. Lee prescribed for me!

First Suzanne Somers, then Oprah and now Steve Jobs – which ‘celebrity’ will be the next to discover their health issues are related to a hormone imbalance? 

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  • Uh…..did Oprah discover a hormone imbalance? Doesn’t sound like it.
    Did you see her show yesterday? She went to several doctors, they gave her all kinds of drugs, none worked and one doc even declared her thryoid “cured”….which we know doesn’t happen.
    I dedicated my whole post today on my Blog to the sad news that Oprah STILL doesn’t get it…
    But WE do! Yayyy for us.

  • I love what you’re doing for women! I am trying to figure out how to link your site on my blog….can you tell me?

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  • Laura

    Yeah, I saw that. Could have knocked me over with a feather…
    BUT… Judy, before we get too excited here:
    Remember, she ALSO said she’s doing the show because it’s so “controversial”.
    So I pray she is not going to put some mainstream medical idiots on there to tell us all why we “don’t need it”…. (like she doesn’t need thryoid hormone…..yeah, right.)
    To me, there is nothing controversial about being FREED from the constraints of all the idiot doctors who would not even discuss bioidentical hormones with me.

    I’ll reserve judgement until after I see the show, but I think we all know that if she was on BHRT and wanted to share the good news, her guest would be Suzanne Somers, and you know Suzanne would welcome the opportunity to be on Oprah.

    So, we’ll see…..

  • Laura

    Why did my comment show up before the one I was commenting about?
    And why is it dated Jan.11th, when it is early afternoon on Jan. 10th?

  • Anne

    Hi Leah,

    Sounds like Oprah may get it after all… she’s dedicating her show on Jan 15th to bioidentical hormones! They’ve certainly helped me regain balance – I’ve only been on them a few months, but have gotten a lot of relief… Are you suffering from menopause symptoms?


  • Leah,
    Yes I saw Oprah – did she use the word balance, uh about 100 times or what?! At first I though maybe she gets it, then I realized she does not. Maybe we can offer to help HER! I know my Dr. Lee would be happy to fly to Chicago and help her!
    Take Care,

  • Oh and Laura, I have to approve comments before they show up, so they’ll show up as I approve…sometimes it gets mixed up…sorry about that.

  • Leah,
    Thanks for wanting to link me…we have to stick together! I checked out your blog and will go ahead and link to it…I like it.
    I see you figured out how to link to me (under blogroll)-sorry I didn’t get back in time to help.
    Anyways, thanks!