Another Menopause Maniac: Ruth!

Good Afternoon, Menopause Maniacs!

I really loved reading about everybody’s experiences with those menopause moments. My name is Ruth, and it’s a pleasure to meet you. While I think my change is almost finished, I would love to share my experiences and memories with you all.

I’m 65 years young, and I live with my darling son, his lovely wife, and my two beautiful granddaughters. Now, I don’t live with my son and his family because I’m an old lady and can’t live alone. I’m still very active, and independent! I live with my darlings because I just love being close to them every single day. I get to watch my granddaughters grow up right there with me, and my son gets a live-in nanny for the girls. I think it’s a rather good deal, don’t you?

I think I’ve lived a rather healthy life, overall. I did smoke when I was younger, but I quit in my forties. That was a pretty big step for my health, and I’m still quite proud of it. My biggest health issues have actually been reproductive. I’ve had several miscarriages and it was a truly great miracle when I had my son.

I didn’t notice any symptoms of menopause until I reached my mid-fifties. I actually thought that I’d be one of those lucky women who experience a relatively mild change, with little more than menstruation changes to let them know that this time in their life had come.

I was, unfortunately, quite mistaken. When menopause finally came to call, it wasn’t the kindly old lady I was expecting, but a vicious old witch who seemed quite determined to make my life miserable.

She wasn’t content to torment me alone, either. She got to my family as well, but doing all she could to give me her own foul temperament.

The mood swings and memory problems truly were the worst. I am beyond impressed that my family could stand my continued presence. I know that my relationship with my daughter-in-law was particularly strained, and I believe my son feared I was going senile.

I’m quite a bit better now, but I still have my moments. I believe that sharing with all of you will be cathartic, and perhaps educational for all of us.

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