Anything is possible!

Don’t you love those days when you wake up and bounce out of bed?  Ok, I didn’t LITERALLY bounce; I did the usual roll towards the edge and quick prayer that I land on my feet.  Whew! 

I am in a FANTASTIC mood today!  There are many reasons this could be possible:  It’s FRIDAY!  I am usually in a great mood on Friday.  Aunt Flo left and she’s an annoying b!tch!  I had two cups of coffee this morning.  Could it be the caffeine?

Yesterday when I was on the phone with Mr. Maniac he said “those hormones are making you feel great!”  I paused and sat there in silence for a few moments.  I was thinking “When the hell did I say that?  I have been forgetting stuff a lot lately; maybe I really did say that.”   I still didn’t say anything because I was quietly wondering what he was seeing.  Did he see something that I haven’t noticed?  Then he said “Positive thinking, babe!”  God, I love him! 

Later on in the evening, we were doing our weekly “Clean before the cleaning lady comes.”  I put on a tank top, some ratty shorts, and pinned my bangs back off my face.  I was ready to command my troops!  I walked down the stairs with my glass of wine and Mr. Maniac was waiting at the bottom.  He said “God you’re cute.”  Usually, my first instinct is to say “dude, I look like hell!”  He hates that though.  He truly thinks I look cute.  I stood there for another moment staring at him…..  (He must think I am suffering from mini-strokes!)  I decided to just thank him.  Imagine that!  I said “thanks babe!”  I passed by a mirror and laughed.  I really did look like hell!  That man must really love me!


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  • yvette

    Aww. He loves you! I say the same thing to Dan. When he makes a nice comment about me, he always gets a whatever back. I love reading your stories!

  • Diane

    I call those “walking on sushine days”! I had a lot of them when I first started hormone replacement therapy. I think my body was like, yeah, thanks, I needed that!!! Overall my mood and demeanor is still much better than it was before – I am think after a couple months I am just starting to even out.

    Happy you are feeling it!

  • Lisa

    Just got back from camping last night with my blended family of “7” plus two! Not a smart idea – the plus two thing anyway. Keeping my crazyness from them come the 5th day was one of the most difficult tasks yet, maybe a close second anyway. This morning I pulled myself from my bed to go have 12 tubes of blood taken for my bioidentical testing, then off to the post office, bottle redemption, bank, groceries and then to have hubby tell me he’s negative in the bank and has $11 to his name. Trying to keep myself from the insane asylum, I found your blog!! Thank you! Hoping to be feeling better soon…. Worst time in my life – really – and so much more to that story. Looking forward to the next day I can bounce, I mean roll and hope my feet hit, cause these days that’s a “GOOD DAY”…

  • Lily

    I also enjoy your comments!! I received my saliva kit today!!! yayyyyy, however I have a cold. Do you think is ok for me to start the test tomorrow or should I call bodylogicmd and ask?

  • Monica

    Hmmm, good question Lily! I would probably call just to be on the safe side. Please let me know what they say, I am curious! 🙂

  • Lily

    I called the doctor they told me to wait a week. I’m feeling much better now and I’m doing my test this weekend!

    Thanks for asking Monica.

  • Monica

    Good to know Lily! I am glad you called and I hope you’re feeling better. Enjoy the saliva testing! Haha! I had company over and kept a schedule of when I could stop and start eating and drinking. 🙂

    Take good care and keep us posted on how you’re doing!