As Per Her Request: Email Oprah Your Bioidentical Hormones Stories!

Well ladies I think we are all relieved to see that Oprah’s show was mainly positive on bioidentical hormones (good news for my TV, which surely would have been smashed if it was negative) and thank God more women are aware of this option and can seek help.  My heart broke for the women with a hormonal imbalance on that show yesterday.

Robin McGraw and Christiane Northrup did well on the show too.  Even better that Dr. Oz is going to look into a compounding pharmacy in a couple weeks (hopefully a good one) and that our beloved Susan Somers will appear on Oprah on January 29th.  This is exciting! 

Remember what Oprah said at the end of the show, she wants our emails, our questions and our stories!  So ladies, it’s time we send Oprah our amazing success stories with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. 

As Oprah said “This is major!”



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  • I really AM excited about this…. I promise….

    But, in the interest of truth, I must point out that Dr. Christiane Northrup signed an open letter to Suzanne Somers in October 2006, bashing her bioidentical hormone message, and saying that she was hurting women. I am SURE that’s why Christiane and Suzanne were not on the show at the same time.

    Once I remembered this, it made sense why Oprah suffered without this info. Dr. Northrup is Oprah’s GYN. Only recently has she come around to “our” way of thinking.

    You can read the scathing letter to Suzanne here:

  • Lisa

    I DO know that there is some controversy over Suzanne Somers approach and message. Have you heard of the Wiley Protocol? There is HUGE conflict over that, women were overdosed big time on Progesterone, and many feel that the push to use ONLY Progesterone was and still is a big mistake. Vliet being one of them. That’s why when researching and trying to learn is so confusing–so many experts have different opinions. Only by talking about it and being our own advocate can we find what works for us!

  • Lisa,
    If we are tested and treated based on our results, then and only then can we achieve true hormonal balance. Maybe those women were treated with progesterone and never needed it. Until I see test results I believe nothing.
    Totally tested,

  • Lisa

    Judy, you are right, we must be tested. But how to get the right tests at the right time is what women need to know! Can you assess E/P/T by an FSH test only? Hell no, but that is the only test that any of the, oh, 5+ Obgyn’s I’ve seen test for. Same with thyroid. Can you assess thyroid with only a TSH? Hell-to-the-no, but that is the ONLY test that most Endo’s will go by, and that makes me just sick.

    That is why I am so, so, so excited about seeing my Bodylogicmd doc–I already have the lab and saliva kits, now just waiting for the right timing to do them. Then it’s off to see my doc! I’m ecstatic!

    I just want so badly for women out there to get some answers, and I am thankful that you, Judy, are helping, as well as Oprah and Suzanne. I cannot wait for women AND doctors to get “edu-ma-cated”!!!

  • Lisa

    Hey Judy…do you know Pippert? Just wondering if you met him at the conference! Feb. 18th…I C.A.N.’.T W.A.I.T. !!!

  • Yes I know Dr. Pippert, I played poker with him and his wife in Vegas! I love him and you will too. Please tell him his 3 card poker pal sent you. I am so excited for you! Yippy, Viva Las Vegas!

  • Lisa,
    Also…RIGHT ON!

  • Lisa

    Judy, Judy, Judy…THANK YOU! You actually met him? That is awesome, I cannot wait to tell him I ‘know’ you! I really hope he has answers for me. In the last 2 weeks, I have cut out ALL sugar/flour (basically NO Carbs) and I feel a bit better but there is still some hormonal raging going on that I can’t control. Am hoping my tests show exactly what that is.

    Viva La Judy!

  • Lisa,

    He is so kind and soft spoken and well, I am not. He will most definitely remember me.

    Viva back at ya


  • Lisa

    Hi Judy, Hey, is there any chance we could chat, either via cell or email? I would really like to get your input on something. Let me know, maniac girl!

  • Lisa,
    I’ll email you soon.

  • Lisa,
    One last thing, I just noticed that on the BodyLogicMD Blog, today’s posting was on Dr. Pippert and it included a couple of videos! What luck! Check him out.

  • C

    Hey girls,

    Did you notice that Oprah’s Hormone Debate show is being aired again tomorrow, 1-22 ? It is probably due to the fact that part of the show was devoted to the breaking news of the plane “landing” that happened that day. What a relief that all were rescued safely!

    Anyway, we will be able to see it in its entirety.

  • Lisa

    Judy, I just watched Dr. Pippert. I already feel comfortable with him! Thanks a bunch for pointing me to those videos. Now I need to time my testing right and get in to see him.

    By the way, how are YOU doing? You need to update us with what’s going on in your journey to wellness!

  • Teri

    I have studied this therpay before..and i thought i oh i can do this myself…and 5 years later and 80 weight gain i have decided that i can’t and i need help at age 48 i know and fighting this feeling for about 10 years it’s time to get some help.So I called a local dr that specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement.And my husband is so excited.He maybe he will get the wife back that he married 8 years ago.

  • Carmen

    I am very interesting on these but is very confusing and my english is very limited,,,somebody can tell me how I can find spanish information on this,,,or any Jacksonville, Florida….thanks

  • I have studied this and am ready for a change and weight loss change…my hormones are raging out of control…and all my OBGYN wants to give is the estriadol shot…which makes me bad moody, my feet swell at my ankles…..I feel on edge 24/7 and I hate it…I have grandchildren that I love…I feel Im going crazy…I have checked out the bioidentical therapy site….and it sounds for me exactly…Im just waiting on the funds to go the doctor….Im saving may take some time…but my body is running out of time…I feel horrible all the time….and cannot sleep at not at all….Im sleep deprived and hormonal.
    I have been feeling like this for 4 years since my total hysterctomy. And I just had a total thyroidectomy…If you could help me with anyother
    advice I would greatly appreciate it… If I could just save $450 and then my doctor visit $375…not counting the therapy method he will use…
    creme’s or pellet’s or pill’s. I just cant wait …….

    Karen Simmons 409-790-3104

  • Carmen,

    I use BodyLogicMD for my bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. I found some information to help you out. Call 888-424-9687 and you will get Karen from BodyLogicMD and she speaks spanish, she can help you. I know there are lots of doctors in Florida so I’m sure you can find one in your area. Good luck and keep me updated.


  • sandra degolyer

    Is it too late to try hormone replacement? I am 76 and have hot flashes and many of the symptoms others have descibed.

  • Sandra,

    It is certainly not too late! In fact, the bioidenticals can help keep your mind sharp and can help against osteoperosis. I suggest you look into it, it may be right for you. Good Luck!


  • Brenda Hammonds

    my name is Brenda Hammonds,i live in a small town name wilson,north carolina,i had a hysterectomy at a early age i havd had hot flashes for over 33 years,i can’t sleep the night sweats,i mean water running from my body,i cry, i am a loner,i don’t like being around people,i go through mood swings,i will cut you up like a knife,and go back and say im sorry,i am dam tried of saying, i didn’t mean that,i have tryed every hormone replacement,nothing works,i setting at the computer and water is running down my clothes,at time i feel like ending my life,i can’t take this any longer,please somebody hepl me.there is more to tell,im tried.

  • Brenda,

    Your experience sounds familiar to many of us who read it, I know it does to me. Hang in there because you can get through this and you can feel better. I looked it up and the nearest BodyLogicMD physician to your location is about 4 and a half hours away in Potomac Falls, Virginia. I realize that is very far away, but just know that you can do your lab work from your home in kits they send you and that while you may have to see the doctor in person for the first visit, follow-up visits can be done over the phone. Otherwise locate your local reputable compounding pharmacy and ask them to suggest a physician, but always do your research before going to any doctor. Don’t let menopause win and take away who you are. You can always talk to me or visit this link, either way there is help out there. Keep your chin up Brenda!


  • Bioidentical hormones are produced from plants (including Wild Yam and Soy) to be identical to human hormones. Hence, they are natural and have no harmful side effects. Dr. Davis of Natural body in Balance has been offering natural treatment to patients suffering from hormonal imbalance through her organization and her treatments have absolutely NO SIDE EFFECTS.