Hello Ladies,


I  know some of you might be wondering what happened to the posts on my cancer, I took them down.  I don’t want to focus on the cancer.  I know what you’re thinking: she can’t take it back once its out there, true, but I can take it down. 


To me this whole cancer thing is like an emotional car crash, you might walk away from it and sure your physical wounds will heal, but inside you are so battered you hardly recognize yourself.  So you can see why I do not need a daily reminder.  My final surgery is this week (let’s hope the kidney doc is as good as the lung doc) so I won’t be posting for a few weeks. 


As soon as I am on the mend I will be in Dr. Lee’s office (he doesn’t know this yet) for some IV vitamin therapy.  Hey, it seems to work for Suzanne Somers so I figured I would give it a shot.  I want to boost my immune system as much as possible and I need to detox from all the medication I have been on.  If Dr. Lee agrees maybe I will video the treatment.


Hey I might even lose a few pounds, I wonder what a kidney weighs anyway.




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  • Judy, you are definitely on the right track. No need to post about cancer, but do let us all know about the IV drips (Vitamin C, right?)
    Thank God you educated yourself before the cancer diagnosis. So many do not, and well, we all know what happens to those folks. I know you’re going to be fine. Actually, better than before!
    Oh… and a kidney doesn’t weigh much. LOL You made me smile with that one!

  • C

    Thinking about you this week. I am sure the surgery will go great and you will be back on your feet real soon. Yes, def keep us posted once you start the IV drips!


  • Melodye

    I am thinking about you…I am new to this site. I am also reading up on everything I get my hands on. Cancer runs in my family, but as you have begun to see……..your life did not begin when you were told you had
    Cancer, it only changed. You are right to focus on positive feelings & thoughts, you are right to reclaim your life. You are on the right regimen. Everything else will just have to fall in line with your choices of treatment. My prayers are with you..I have believed in prayer, but lately I know it is our answer. I have recently been tested beyond what I thought I could experience. But my beliefs kept me whole.
    My best to you.

  • Bethanie

    Hey Judy I haven’t visited for awhile. Sorry to read you have had a cancer scare, been there done that last fall. You are doing well to keep on keeping on and not dwell on it.

    So I commented in an earlier blog back in January that I was finally going to be tested after 2+ years of this peri business. All of this time no one would test me because I was “to young” or had “panic/anxiety disorder”. Well I am here to say that my Progesterone was down to 2.5 and my testosterone was very elevated at 282 total and 29.3 free…..but yet it was all in my head this entire time!!!

    I am two weeks into 150mg of Progesterone oil caps and am honestly starting to feel better. The first couple of weeks were rough with headaches and fatigue. I have however slept through the night since the first capsule. This is day four of feeling some energy for a change, I am awake bright and early and feel ready to take on the world.

    I am using Dr Paul Hester in Lexington Ky, who just happened to be in the back of “Ageless”. I lucked out and found someone that just might know what they are doing.

    Keep well, look forward to reading more good posts.

  • I agree you don’t have to dwell on cancer everybody else does that for us.

  • stef

    Hi everyone! Just got home from my initial office visit. I have no progesterone and low estrogen. I can’t wait to get my prescriptions!