Beyond the Bedroom… let’s talk about sex

Back when I first started blogging about my Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy I said that I would talk about the profile BLMD gave me based on my symptoms, and how I was being affected as I progressed in my program. I’ve kind of gotten off that track but I have been thinking about something, A LOT, for a couple of weeks now, and I just have to talk about it (I apologize in advance to Mr. Manopause!)

Sex, I want it, I want it now, and I want it really bad….oh my, I can’t believe how much I want it!

Ok, so this is what BodyLoigicMD has to say about sex:

Beyond the Bedroom – The human body has unique hormones that work to define our sex. In addition these hormones work to build our bodies, influence our mood, attitude, and memory, power our sex drive, determine our bone strength, and maintain our health. Estrogen has over 400 important functions in the female body. The loss of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone results in menopause. Testosterone keeps both men and women physically strong and interested in sex.

I have been with the same man for 17 years now. For the first 12 years of our relationship we must have had an abundance of testosterone between the two of us because we were hot! We did it whenever and wherever we could, and we did it often. Keep in mind that we were both in our mid 30’s so it’s not like we were teenagers, we just really enjoyed each other, on a very regular basis!

So then comes the mid 40’s – sex is still good and we still make love several times a week, and it is enjoyable, but we did start slowing down and I just assumed it was a normal course for a relationship to take, so I didn’t pay a lot of attention to how I was changing in this area.

Then it happened…about 3 years I started losing interest in sex, completely. I still did it, grudgingly, but it was no longer fun or enjoyable, in fact, it became a chore, and eventually I dreaded that look in my husband’s eye, or his hand on my thigh, because I knew what was coming next. I am sure it was so obvious to him that he no longer enjoyed it either, knowing that I wasn’t into it made it an unpleasant experience for him, and eventually, he stopped trying.

So now, I am 3 months into my hormone replacement therapy and one week away from my 49th birthday. My mood and attitude has improved, I feel like I am regaining my health both physically and mentally, and I am REALLY horny!!! I feel like a teenage boy…I think about sex, a lot!

I guess this is a testimony to how good this program is working for me. I never thought I would want sex again, but I do, I do, I do! In fact, now that I think about….where is that husband of mine???


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  • Monica

    LOVE IT! 🙂

  • I’m so glad HRT is working. Aren’t the hot flashes the worst part? For me that’s the case:) For helpful hints to combat night sweats go to Help For Night Sweats. The tips have been a real lifesaver for me and many of my clients.

  • Diane

    Thanks for the link Anitaa..great tips for those suffering the night swears especially!!!

  • Lisa

    Can’t wait to feel that again!

  • Pudden

    I so want that ‘desire’ again. Geeze. I just got married to a man 7 years my junior, I’m 47, and I have got to get relief to keep up with him. He married a ‘Cougar’ and I’d love to feel that growl again! Thanks for your blogs. I really enjoy those!

    Oh, how long before you began to feel more energy and a sex drive???

    Thanks, pudden

  • Diane

    Pudden, I felt more enery within a month but it took about 3 months before I started wanting sex again. I think it is both mental and physical though…when I started to feel good about myself again that increased my confidence, and being confident made me feel sexy again, which I am sure probably set off that spark that grew into the fire of my desire 🙂 LOL I can’t believe I am talking like this but glad there are women listening!
    I watched Fried Green Tomatoes last night…I love that movie! When Jessica Tandy told Kathy Bates:
    “YOU NEED SOME HORMONES. HMMM ? MAYBE SOME STRESSTABS NUMBER 4 FOR GOOD MEASURE.” I just started cracking up – but that is what I am saying to you Pudden…You need some of them hormones…then you go girl….and hope your hubby can keep up with you!!!

  • Pudden

    Wow! I am so excited. The weight I’ve gained is part of that problem too I think. I’ve put on about 35 lbs and I was modeling in the NasCar circuit three years ago! GGEZZEE…That’s really hard to handle. It’s like overnight, I’m 90! I have no waistline, no desires, and all I want to do is stay home alone. 🙁 Biodentical Hormones are on the way. My order was put in today. Doc said my levels of testostorone are BELOW that of a 90 yr old woman. No wonder I feel like I do.

    Thanks for responding. I look forward to your next blog 🙂


  • Laurie

    I am just startin with this website. I am so scatterbrained right now. I just want to feel like I can think straight. But the thought of actually wanting sex again is a wonderful thought.
    My poor hubby has been rejected for far too long..I join in, but half heartedly. he knows…