BHRT Boosts Pheromones that Attract All Kinds

The difference that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) has made in my life is an ongoing tale. Many facets of my life have changed, for the better, thanks to hormone therapy.  One area I knew had improved was my libido, but what I did not know was how far reaching the effects truly were.

Last summer, my husband and I took a glorious trip to St. Augustine – near the Fountain of Youth, which by the way, is pretty disgusting. The water smells of rotten eggs!  I just hope when Ponce de Leon made his discovery, the water matched the surrounding beauty of the land. It was a wonderful trip – this particular stop gave us the opportunity to view several exotic birds, including the glorious peacock.  There were tourists everywhere watching the birds prance about, snapping pictures and discussing the unique beauty of their feathers. I carefully made my way to the edge of lawn where the peacocks were displayed.

Without warning, a male peacock came strutting toward me.  As you may be aware, the male peacocks are the fairer sex – with the beautiful multi-colored feathers that peacocks are known for. His pace seemed full of intent as he made his way between the other birds on the lawn to come face to face with me – only a low fence between us. Onlookers came to point and whisper as the bird began gyrating his head and spreading his feathers wide, displaying the illustrious shades of vivid blue, green and gold. I felt myself flush a bit as I noticed all the attention I seemed to be drawing, but I am certain I turned several shades redder when a woman standing next to me gently explained, “I think he’s in love with you.  You know, that’s the mating ritual of the peacock? I do believe that peacock is interested in you.”

I could only giggle and appreciate the moment. My doctor had warned me that BHRT would help me regain a youthful glow and impact my hormone levels, but I had no idea that those increases would boost my pheromones enough to excite an entirely different species!

If you are skeptical about BHRT and if it can really help you, take it from me – bioidentical hormone therapy definitely fuels the flame burning in the bedroom and in the relationship between me and my husband. Even after a long day of work, I seldom have to tell him, “I have a headache.” To be perfectly honest, I often have more energy than he does – hmmmm, maybe he should consider BHRT?


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