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Living in Southern California it’s all about the ocean. I love to sail, scuba dive, go to doggie beach and eat sushi. I want to look good in a bathing suit again and enjoy all of the activities I enjoyed when I met my husband 17 years ago! I began the journey to this end about a year ago when I had Active FX and I liked the results. They were not dramatic, like a face lift, but my skin tone is now more even, my age spots are lighter and I believe there is reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Unfortunately the rest of my body, and my mind, have not been doing as well.

The last year has been tough. I have gained 30 pounds, much of it while actually trying to diet! My doctor is talking about replacing my knee, even though I am only in my 40’s, but it is so bad I have to get steroid shots every few months in order to walk! To top everything off I am beginning menopause and experiencing all the wonderful side affects from that, along with more weight gain! So now I am trying something new – bioidentical hormone therapy. I’ve heard Robin McGraw, Dr. Phil, Oprah and Suzanne Somers all talk about BodyLogicMD. According to the website “highly trained physicians specialize in bioidentical hormone therapy, fitness and nutrition. Helping women and men suffering the symptoms from hormonal imbalance, menopause and andropause.”

I began the program a few weeks ago, after 2 months of blood tests and saliva tests which told my doctor I was way off balance (something had been telling me that for a long time), and have decided blog about my experience as I go throughout the program. I want to let other women know about my experience…and I am keeping my fingers crossed that between SparkPeople motivating me to eat right and exercise, and the proper hormones and supplements from BodyLogicMD, I will finally start to feel and look good again!

Before I saw the doctor I went to a lab where they took several vials of blood. I also had to collect and ship 4 vials of saliva, over a period of about 16 hours. Testing came back that my progesterone and testosterone levels were almost non existent but my estrogen was normal. (This was interesting because after a year of hourly hot flashes they had all of a sudden stopped, right before he took all my fluids! Doc says the hot flashes will probably return and when they do he will retest my Estrogen levels and add that to my regimen.) In addition my Cortisol levels were completely opposite of what they should be. I knew that Cortisol regulation is known to contribute to fat around the belly but what I didn’t know is that it also contributes to energy levels and healthy sleeping patterns.

On my first visit my doctor spent over an hour with me, going over my labs and finding out about me, personally…needless to say I was slightly impressed. Before I left he had prescribed ProgesteroneTestoserone cream (bioidentical, meaning they are made from plants I think), AdreneVive (for regulating Cortisol) DHEA SR ( Google it) glucosamine and msm900 (to rebuild cartilage in my knees and other areas that arthritis is taking its toll). He also prescribed some other supplements that I won’t go into at this time and within a couple days they were delivered to my doorstep – talk about customer service J

I imagine it will take several weeks for me to notice much difference, although I am already starting to feel relief in my knee and other arthritic areas! My knee still hurts, but not nearly as much, and I am not all achy and stiff when I wake up in the morning….Could it be the supplements or am I just imagining it??? Not sure but I will keep you posted!!!

One last thing I want to say, and I feel it is important…I have always said I would NEVER take hormones for menopause because my mom died of breast cancer in her late 40’s, same age as me now. But after researching bioidentical hormone replacement therapy I have decided to risk it. What I am prescribed is made specifically for my body and needs, plus they are made from plant sources, not synthetic. And to be perfectly honest, my quality of life has been so bad the past couple of years I am willing to take the chance if this regimen is going to make me feel human again. I will let you know! 





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