Bioidentical Hormones Helped Me Get My Life Back On Track

You can’t put a price tag on getting your life back…

Hello my name is Ruth Hornacek and I have been a patient of Dr. Michelle Schultz of BodyLogicMD of Naperville for about a year now and I can’t tell you how much better I’m feeling now that I seen her for a year. I probably had hormone problems my whole life. They started out you know early on, I would have horrible periods early on and had trouble getting pregnant. I had terrible endometriosis in my 30’s, in my late 20’s and 30’s – ended up having a couple surgeries to get pregnant and the endometriosis kind of calmed down after a while, after I had my kids and it still just didn’t feel very good. Just a lot of anxiety and depression and not being able to sleep, and just constantly looking for an answer for how to get myself to feel better. And around when I was 36 or so I got really sick, run down and tired and it kind of started when I had a “cold” kind of a symptom, and then it ended up I just couldn’t lick any of the infections that I had and I just felt exhausted all the time and I had been too many doctors. I kept trying to figure out, like I said, searching to figure out what was wrong with me and they all kind of kept saying the same thing, that I was in range, that my thyroid was in range, that my hormone levels were fine in the blood test that they had done, and I just got to be honest I didn’t believe them.

Every time I had my periods I would be laid up in bed and fatigued and just exhausted. So I ended up, I had a third child when I was 40 and that was just kind of it. My body just couldn’t do it anymore. After I had my son, I had just ended up with severe post partum depression and it landed me in the hospital for actually a couple of weeks and you know I kept trying to tell the doctors that I felt it was some kind of hormonal imbalance and like I said they tested me and my thyroid tests were fine, everything else was fine, so I actually was very self conscious about it. I just thought you know I must be going crazy or I can’t think clearly. I basically couldn’t even read a recipe to try to make dinner – it was like I couldn’t think of what I was supposed to be doing at all .

So I think I might have seen the BodyLogicMD ads online and was looking up information on hormone imbalances, and I saw that BodyLogicMD had an office in Naperville, and I called and they got me in right away and right off the bat, they did the right testing. They did the saliva testing as opposed to the blood testing and because I had seen my OB/GYN after I had ended up in the hospital and I kept telling her that I thought it was hormones, she said I was fine but when I went to BodyLogicMD and they did my saliva testing. Dr. Michelle Schultz was like you know, your levels are so low and you know you’re only 42 and you just had a baby and you now from going from pregnancy to where I was at she couldn’t believe I taken that much of a drop and it’s no wonder I did end up where I did, in the hospital unable to get anything done and to take care of my kids. So we started right way on hormone replacement therapy with the bioidentical hormones and kind of had to start slow and I’ve been seeing her every 3 months since I started with her and she basically tells me I’m still too low so it kind of puts a perspective where I ended up. You know where I was when I started, it was very, very low and I can’t even tell you. I couldn’t even walk up the stairs without being exhausted, we did some work with my adrenal fatigue and just everything is getting better since then.

I can’t say enough of Dr. Schultz, you know she will spend the time that she needs to with me, my appointments aren’t short 7 minute appointments like they normally are at a doctor’s office. She will spend an hour if she has to with me, or even you know an hour and half if she has to let me get all my symptoms out and she really listens to me and that’s something I think I missed. You know, a doctor that will listen to my issues and address every single one of them without just saying your fine and walk out the door. After a while it does affect your self-esteem when you know you’re not right and the doctors are all telling you that you are. If the doctor tells you that you’re fine then you should be fine, and that’s not necessarily the case and like I said I can’t thank BodyLogicMD enough for getting my life back. To be able to take care of my kids again, to be able to think clearly enough to get the things I needed at the grocery store even, it has been such a great thing to get that. You cannot put a price tag on being able to get your life back like that, so I urge anybody out there that isn’t feeling right and is emotional or depressed and not knowing all the reasons why, to make that call and call BodyLogicMD, and get in to see a BodyLogicMD doctor, and hopefully you can get you life back in charge too, so thank you very much.

-Ruth Hornacek, Patient of Dr. Michelle Schultz, BodyLogicMD of Naperville


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