Bioidenticals make me feel like anything is possible these days!

Greetings from Southern California.  I started Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy not too long ago and I feel great! I am rested when I get up in the morning and sleepy when I go to bed at night, although I admit I am still taking my Ambien. I have energy all day long and have lost 7 pounds while eating about 1400 calories a day. People may think it is too soon for me to notice a difference, and maybe it is all in my mind, but I don’t care where it is as long as it is no longer around my waist or hanging from my bottom 🙂
As I wrote in my last blog, when I started my BodylogicMD program, I was given a profile of the shape I was in according to the symptoms I “admitted” to. Here is what I am feeling these days in the next area:

Muscles and Bones – “The Vehicle”.  Per BL – “Look at your skeleton as the vehicle that transports you from place to place, and lets you interact with your environment. Muscles and bones provide a framework for the body, supporting it and giving it shape. Important in health is maintaining a strong body through sustaining your muscle mass and retaining your bone strength.”

Before I began my program I noticed that I just “felt” flabby, if you can understand that. I felt like everything I ate went directly to my belly and I was always bloated. My lower back and left shoulder hurt constantly, my left knee was always a source of pain (I’ve had major knee surgery), and when I had the energy and motivation to exercise I felt drained immediately afterwards. And last but not least my Kaiser doctor told me that I had Osteopenia, the beginning of Osteoporosis.

Obviously 3 weeks is not enough time to feel any difference, right? Or maybe I should be able to feel it but not see it…especially since I am not a member of The Biggest Loser Club and I don’t have a cute personal trainer telling me to get off my butt 24/7! Nope, all I have is my 2 dogs licking my face every morning because they know that lately I am up for an hour long walk first thing in the morning.

After 3 weeks on the program this is what I am noticing; first, I have an abundant amount of energy. When I walk my dogs they have to keep up with me, instead of the other way around. And when I get done with the walk I come home and work (I home office when not on the road), fix (a healthy) dinner when my husband gets home, and then take the dogs for another walk. I even manage to do the dishes and laundry, if you can imagine that…I feel like anything is possible these days!

The second thing I am noticing is that a lot of my aches and pains are subsiding. My lower back pain has decreased significantly and so has my knee pain. I imagine the weight that I am losing has something to do with this, as does the exercise. And probably all the water I am drinking is making a difference as well.

Finally I do not feel bloated anymore and my body looks and feels firmer, younger, tighter and my skin, all over, (not just my hands) looks better, no more dry patches all over my arms an legs…even my husband has noticed. This is probably the best part of all! Even though my stomach is not flat my jeans are no longer cutting into my waist and I feel like I have lost a lot more than 7 pounds. I actually wore jeans this weekend that I had not been able to get in to a couple months ago so something must be happening to my body, besides the weight loss.

The benefits I told you about last time still stand…my “bad food” cravings are fewer and further between. I am noticing that when I get a sweet tooth now I usually go for a piece of fruit or something else that is good for me. I am staying motivated to take care of myself and get healthy, even though a few months ago my motivation would have started slipping away by now. I am still keeping track of my food and exercise on SparkPeople and the bottom line is; I feel good, I think the BodylogicMD program has something to do with it, and I am going to continue on this path to health for as long as it makes sense to.

One last thing…so far I am impressed by Dr. Grossman at BodylogicMD. I got an email from him this week letting me know he was scheduling a lab before my next appointment. Normally you go to the doctor and then they schedule labs and tests, and then a follow up exam. I appreciate the fact that he is saving me time and the expense of an extra visit to read my results.


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  • Monica

    Great post Diane! Reading your posts gives me such hope. (Mine are so short!) Haha!

  • Allegra McCullough

    BHRT is wonderful. It has been around in Europe for many, many years. When I remember how my mother suffered through menopause, I could cry. BHRT was available, but traditional doctors were not administering it.

    My appetite is also undercontrol; my entire body feels and looks stronger. i can now look forward t oaging gracefully.