Broken Heart-to-Heart

I had a totally lovely conversation with my mom (did you catch the sarcasm there?) and thought I’d share it with all the awesome maniacs out there.

So, basically, I was having a pretty bad day. A lot of really minor stuff was going wrong (stubbed my toe in the morning, bad traffic, bad day at work, that kind of day). Oh, and did I mention that the little sugar-cake is sick? So, my mom was watching her for me while I worked, ‘cause the day care doesn’t want her to come in sick and potentially spread her sick-germs to all the other kids. 🙁

Right, so, my day was completely ick. And of course that meant that I was hot flashing on the hour, and my patience was worn thin. After work, I went to my mom’s place to pick up my sugar-cake, and have some coffee and try to relax a bit.

Well, Mom and I got to talking, and I figured I’d ask her about when she went through menopause. Basically, she how bad it was for her, and what kind of things made her feel better.

You’d think I’d asked her about her sex life. 🙁

No, seriously! She got all clammed up, and just said that it was all past for her, and she made it through just fine. I said that’s not what I asked, and I wanted to know what it was like for her. She was totally uncooperative.

I managed to get out of her that she had hot flashes and night sweats, but that was it. She wouldn’t tell me how bad it was, or what worked for her, to make her symptoms go away – or at least feel better!

It’s a complete bummer. 🙁 I mean, I was looking for some support here! Yeah, I know lots of people act like menopause is a big shush thing, like we shouldn’t be talking about it (to which I say phooey!), but this is my mom! She’s supposed to be there to support me. X(

So, yeah. I guess I’m just ranting here a little. I hope everyone else has better luck with their menopause heart-to-hearts!

Jessica Out



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