Close, but no cigar… yet

carpe diemI’m getting there, I am. I’m in my fourth week of treatment and so far, so good. My moods are still up and down, but I’m trying to be patient. My hot flashes aren’t as bad as they used to be and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my sex drive. It’s funny because I thought that’s just how it was when you get old – no sex. My husband is another story – his libido has been going strong since his teens. But for me, the desire just hasn’t really been there. Now I’m finally starting to feel myself again – like a younger version of myself. My doctor told me that it would take some time for me to notice significant results and that the bioidentical hormones won’t do all the work for me. He told em that without regular exercise and eating the right foods, our bodies don’t respond as well to treatment and it takes longer to “appreciate” the results.

I’ll keep you maniacs up-to-date on my progress!

Fingers still crossed!



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