Compulsive Use of Estrogen Spray: Not Effective or Healthy. FYI.

Lady-doc and I had a nice long chat about my assault on the pharmacist, and she suggested I try this “brand-new-really-effective” estrogen spray. I was confused. A spray?

I said, “What am I supposed to do, spray this in my vagina?” I didn’t get it.

Apparently, this spray works through the skin and you can spray it anywhere you like, externally speaking, so no vagina spray required.  Thank god. *Wipes sweat from brow*

So in addition to my self-administered estrogen therapy, I am now using the spray. All the time. I woke up last night at 2am and sprayed myself six times, about three times the recommended amount. Now I’m paranoid that I am going to get a blood clot, so I have added baby aspirin to my pill-taking regime. If I have to choke down one more pill, I’ll scream.

Excuse me while I go have a hot flash.



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