Cool Jams for Night Sweats?


By Renea Cribbs

When it comes to PJs, I am fairly picky. Color doesn’t matter much, but size, fabric and style, matter a lot.  And, I’m not easily swayed by gimmicks. So, when I tried the new moisture-wicking pajamas from Cool Jams, I will have to admit, I was skeptical.

Is there really a set of PJs that can keep me cool on warm Texas nights – especially when night sweats strike?
Nonetheless, I ordered the pants and hemmed them myself. I love the color and the fit – I ordered a large – I’m 5’5” tall with a large bust line. Unlike many pajama tops, these fit me perfectly – plenty of space in the bust, with appropriate fit in the bodice.Initially, I was disappointed to learn that the Cool Jams were not available in capris. For women of a certain age, shorts are rarely to never preferable and pants, well, let’s be honest, I live in Texas and the whole point of this experience is to stay cool. So, pants would never be my option. The site does offer various nightgowns, but nightgowns seem to get twisted as I toss and turn, contributing to sleepless nights. When I buy pajamas, I like capris and I feel a lot of other women might agree with me.

What can I tell you about my experience? Well, not much, since I slept right through it! But, that’s a good thing, right?

The PJs come equipped with a special antibacterial treatment that is said to make the PJ’s odor and bacteria resistant. I awoke refreshed each morning and I assume these features went to work for me throughout the night.

Truly, I don’t recall waking up, kicking off the covers and being a sweaty mess, which has happened to me before. Trust me, any woman that’s experienced hormonal fluctuations in the night knows exactly what I am talking about!

I give the Cool Jams 4 out of 5 stars – I would love to see a capri sold as a separate and then, I would fully endorse this wonderful product!

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