Cooler Days Are Coming!

Take that, hot flashes! It’s Fall! 🙂

Okay, okay. I know I don’t have you beat. You can strike me down even in the coldest days of winter, enticing me to strip down to my skimpies for a moment’s relief from the heat, only find myself frozen where I stand when the flash passes by. You’re bigger than the weather, I know.

But, still! It’s Fall! The cooler temperatures really do help with the milder flashes, and since it’s not actually all the frigid outside, I don’t feel so miserable when the hot flash is over. And this is the season for layers! Everyone’s layering it up, so I’m not getting any second glances at my throws-over-clothes-over-clothes fashion sense! 🙂

So, Yay for Fall!

Jessica Out 🙂


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