Cycles and Circles

Today, another month comes to an end, and another begins tomorrow. We’re in early days of Fall, but Winter will be here before you know it – and then Spring, and then Summer once more. Our world is composed of so many different cycles. Days pass into days, months into months, seasons into seasons and years into years. And the very same system of cycles powers our lives, as well.

Disney did an excellent job of explaining one of these cycles – that of life, death and rebirth – in an iconic movie that has recently returned to theaters. But there’s more to it than just life and death – we have cycles within our individual lives, as well.

As a woman, the menstrual cycle comes quickly to mind, but that is just a part of a larger cycle – one that includes the overall subject of this blog. That’s right, ladies: Menopause is simply the closure of the very natural fertility cycle that occurs in all women.

We are born infertile. As children, reproduction is not a concern. Our job, at this young age, is to grow, learn and mature. And then, puberty comes, and our bodies change. Certain hormones fluctuate and we become fertile and capable of producing children of our own. This, however, is only a temporary state. Yes, it lasts for many years, and we experience another cycle – the previously-mentioned menstrual cycle – until the cycle turns around and we pass into another stage: menopause.

Once again, we become infertile. Our bodies change again, moving away from the goal of having children. But we continue to live and grow. Now that our bodies are no longer using so many resources for the potential of nurturing new children, it can focus once again on growing, learning and maturing.

This isn’t, in itself, a bad thing. The maturity and wisdom that you find after menopause is powerful and meaningful. Unfortunately, it often comes with many troublesome symptoms that may linger even after menopause has passed, as well as an assortment of health concerns. But these downsides do not have to bring you down. There’s a lot you can do to maintain your health even into this period of your life, so that you can enjoy your newfound freedom (and, yes, ladies – it is a form of freedom!) without the health woes.

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