Dare I Say It?

Will I jinx myself if I do?  Oh heck, that’s never held me back!  Alright!  I will say it!  I am feeling pretty good!  The hormones were adjusted about a month ago and I think it has made a difference.  (Can you hear the choir singing?)  Not as many hot flashes and the mood has improved immensely.  The dark shroud of cranky seems to be gone.  Can I hear a hallelujah? 

Last week I did another saliva test to see how the hormones are faring and I have an appointment with Dr. Thomas in 3 weeks.   I am anxious to see the results.  I used to sit in fear and trepidation before my appointments wondering if there would be any results.  Not this time!  There HAS to be a difference because I am MUCH less cranky.

Now that I am feeling better, let’s tackle that pesky weight gain Dr. Thomas!




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  • Pudden

    Hi Monica,

    I posted a comment on your ‘CARBS’ post that I meant to post here…sorry about that. I guess I managed to confuse a few. hehehehe! Oh well, I’m finding after about 3 months, the weight is coming off (very slowly), but I am seeing a difference. (3% body fat and abou 4 lbs! Yay!) Hang in there!

    Dr. Thomas is my doctor as well 🙂

    LOVING my Biodentical Progress!

  • Monica

    Oh that’s cool that you have Dr. Thomas too! He is great and I love his personality! I think he thinks I am secretly taping him when I am there. (He reads the blog!)

    What did he tell you about food? Any more information is always good for me!

    Actually, I know what I should be doing, but I am a stubborn brat! 🙂