Early Hints at Empty Nest

My oldest boy brought his sweetheart home to meet me on Valentine’s Day. She’s a right pretty young thing, and she seemed nice and polite enough, but it does get me thinking. He’s 19, so he’s pretty much grown. I reckon he’ll be leaving the house soon. Maybe even getting married, although I don’t think he and his sweetie are that serious yet.

That line of thinking has been putting me in something of a slump. I still have my younger children, and it’ll be a while before they’re grown and old enough to go, but just seeing my oldest like this is making me feel right old, myself. And I’m a might worried about how well I’ll handle things when he does head out on his home.

When my ex and I got divorced, it was my son who really held me together. It wasn’t a messy divorce or anything like that. I still talk to my ex, and, while I wouldn’t say we’re friends, everything’s friendly-like. But it was still a big blow, and my boy was always there to hold me up when I needed someone to lean on.

And then, when the worst of the menopause symptoms really get to me, it’s my son who takes care of me. He’s such a sweet and loving child, and I reckon he’d do anything for his old mama. I surely don’t want to hold him back any, but I’m right dreading the day he leaves home.

That’s all for now. Take care, y’all!




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