Early Menopause

I’ve been seeing a lot in the news lately about early menopause. Some women are actually going all the way through perimenopause and straight into menopause well before the norm – even before their 40s! I’m not too far from 40, but I know what I’m experiencing is perimenopause and my actual menopause could be as much as 10 years down the road (ach! Ten more years of this! XO).

Does that mean that these poor women had been going through perimenopause in their 20s? Yeah, if your menopause is induced by surgery (a hysterectomy or something) or chemotherapy (as if having cancer weren’t enough), you’re probably skipping the Peri-Go-Round (I think?). But in some of these women, it’s just happening early, but otherwise seems to be pretty much the same as in the rest of us. I just can’t imagine.

My heart goes out to you ladies! Best of luck!

Jessica Out



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