Endometriosis Awareness

Good Morning, Menopause Maniacs!

Did you know that March is Endometriosis Awareness Month? It’s a subject that hits quite close to home, for me. I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was quite young. It affected my quality of life and my fertility. It was hard for me to conceive and I’d had several miscarriages before the birth of my darling son.

I’m not sure exactly how my endometriosis affected my menopause symptoms, but menopause certainly affected my endometriosis. Since the arrival and more-or-less departure of the Witch of Menopause, the symptoms of my endometriosis have calmed dramatically. They do still flare up from time to time, but they’re not nearly so bad as they were when I was so desperately trying to get pregnant.

I suspect that menopause can do a number on many other conditions, as well. All the more reason to talk to your doctor about all aspects of your health, I would think.

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