Everything Comes Around

I’ve been thinking a lot about my late mother, recently. Her birthday is coming up, so she’s just been on my mind, I reckon. I was the youngest of four, and it seems my mother was going through her own change while I was still a girl. Of course, I didn’t recognize it as menopause, back then. But looking back, it just seems so familiar!

I remember her seeking out the breeze and fanning herself with one of her hats (she loved those big, wide-brimmed hats!). I remember all the little memory lapses she’d deal with, too. She’d forget where she put something just a few minutes before. It right baffled me, back then. I thought she was pretty batty. But I loved her dear. And I miss her so, now.

I wish I could talk to her now and tell her that, finally, I understand. I’m going through the same thing. If only she could be here with me!

That’s all for now. Take care, y’all!



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