Fad Diets

My middle daughter’s birthday is coming up (yep, practically right after mine!) and it seems like some of my negativity has rubbed off on her. In a way, anyway. She’s convinced herself that she’s fat. I just don’t see it. I’d love to have her figure.

She’s started trying to lose weight, too. Problem is, I’m not sure how healthy she’s being. She’s gone through fad diets before and was never satisfied with them (big surprise there!). This new one, though, kind of scares me. She’s barely eating anything. She says that it’s just supposed to reset her metabolism and then she’ll be eating more again, but it looks like she’s starving herself, to me.

She’s a grown woman, married with her own little boy, so I know I can’t make her stop it. It just worries me. A mother’s got a right to worry!

Love and balance . . .



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