Fifty Shades of Grey is a Sex Drive Solution

By Dr. Jennifer Landa

Last week, the Today show discussed the controversial novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, which raced to the top 50 on the New York Times bestsellers list over the weekend. The woman responsible for the novel is British TV producer and wife, E.L. James. She vividly describes a submissive/dominant sexual fantasy across the pages of this racy novel and continues the story in a steamy trilogy. Housewives from the burbs in Boca Raton to the ‘sex and the city’ streets of NYC are picking up their copies in hopes of fueling the flames of desire in their love lives.  Some experts, like Dr. Drew from HLN, argue that the book promotes violence against women.  All the controversy has spurned a flood of newsworthy stories. As an MD, specializing in sexual health, and an avid reader of the entire trilogy, I believe the popularity of this book has a place in the bedroom –it can be useful as a much needed tool to revive long-term relationships and help women reclaim their libido.

Benefits may include:

  • Increases arousal: Let your imagination be your guide.  Attached or single, this author describes each scene remarkably and vividly detailed – you will be turned on – low libido or not.
  • Ideas for play: This book is extreme when it comes to sex toys, but you don’t have to make it extreme in your bedroom.  Turn the fantasy into reality by watering things down – bring a blindfold into the bedroom or maybe take turns tying each other up with handkerchiefs. Communicate and be playful.
  • Communication: There is nothing men like more than talking about sex! Read a chapter ot the whole book together, communicate about what each of you like and might want to try.  This book can be the gateway to open communication about your sexual fantasies with one another.
  • He Takes Charge: Women over 40 want their man to take charge in the bedroom. Christian Grey is an example of taking charge – Anastasia gets to lay back and indulge in every sensual touch. After a long day of caring for the house and the family, women would not mind if her man took over the reins for the evening – this book is one way women can communicate that message to their men.

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