Five Weeks On Bioidentical Hormones

Hi All! So, I am past this point by a few more weeks, but here is a video of me detailing how I felt after five weeks on bioidentical hormone therapy. I went to Dr. Lee’s office to take my friend Ellen to see him (you’ll meet her later this week!) and while I was waiting for her I discussed how things were going for me.

When I watch this, I can tell a huge difference in my general mood and even in my appearance! It’s amazing how menopause symptoms can make a girl look and feel so tired.

Anyway, this should give some of you the extra push you need to find your local BodyLogicMD physician! If I can feel better, so can you.

Judy B


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  • Bev

    Hey Judy,
    So glad you are feeling better. I am also on the Bodylogic program for just over a week now. Hope to be feeling better soon. I am actually much more of a mess than you. Have been totally depressed (can’t work) for 8 months now because of this. Sit inside house not wanting to see anyone often and very anxious, so my Dr. has quite a job on his hands with me. Now found out I have growth on thyroid. Endocrinologist don’t agree with any of hormones I have been put on. THey just gave me a strange look when I told them what I was doing and told me to get off of many of the supplements. Also said thyroid had nothing to do with any of my problems. So glad I found my new favorite Dr. at Bodylogic who told me to continue with his protocol. I feel very good about this. Anyway, hope I feel as good as you seem sooner than later. Thanks for this blog. I really look forward to all of your comments. Feel I’m not alone in this battle. Bev

  • Chris

    Hi Judy

    Its good to see someone who is suffering the same as me. I am a 60 year old woman from the UK whose doctor told me to come off of conventional HRT last year as I was “too old”. It has been a year now and the sweats and flushes have come back with a vengeance. I am plagued with tiredness, but cannot sleep. My joints ache and my hair is falling out. I have other things as well, but I dont want to go on about them. I have now purchased some bioidentical hormones from the States and have been on them for 4 days now, and there is a decrease already in the flushes, they seem to be less intense and less often. I cannot explain to anyone how I feel when I have one, they are indescribable! Not just hot and sweaty, panic and anxiety with them too. I do hope that bio hormones work for me, they are great. After all, we only have one life dont we?

  • Bev. I’m so sorry you have had to suffer for so long. I too have a new growth on my thyroid, actually they found it before I started my bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. I wonder if it was caused by my wacky hormones. Will never know I guess. I’m glad to hear you have faith in your BLMD doc. I can tell you from experience you will feel better!! It took 3 weeks for me to see results. Hang in there, please keep us up to date with your progress, it helps all of us. JudyB

  • Chris, usually we go to Europe to get meds! How interesting that you cannot find bioidentical hormones in the UK. Good for you. It just goes to prove that we are almost willing to do anything to get relief from these life limiting menopause symptoms. Maybe after you are feeling better you can pay that jackass (excuse me) doc a visit and tell him to take his HTR and put it where the sun don’t shine. Keep it up. JudyB

  • The article on antibiotics are very good.

  • Shelley

    Im 50 and being having awful symptoms and juat got a peroid today after missing 3. I live in n the UK also and contacted my local PCT last week adn they know of no doctor who works with bioidentical hormones. I am reading Natural Hormone Balance for women by Dr Uzzi Reiss and its truely wonderful adn inspiring. But sadly I feel so alone and truely symphathise with Chris who in the end had to the hormoens from the US.
    Any suggestions how we creat a new movement for women in United Kingdom and get our voices heard.

    Respect and honour to fellow women who are struggling with this very difficulit time in life x

  • Sonia Slany

    Hello Shelley,
    I’ve just been researching for bioidentical hormone therapy in the UK too. I have found Dame Shirley Bond,
    Dr Tony Coope,
    and Dr Marion Gluck.

    Shirley Bond has her clinic at The London Medical Centre, 144 Harley Street, London W1G 7LD.

    Please telephone the clinic on 020 7935 0023 to arrange a personal consultation for which the fee is £80.

    For patients who are unable to visit London, daytime telephone consultations with Dr Bond are available on a Monday only at a cost of £70.

    Also a good website that has great articles, some by American Doctors, some by UK doctors. Called

    Don’t despair, as they are out there, we’re just a bit behind the rest of the world!!! X Sonia

  • Jess

    Doctors who can prescribe bio-identical hormones in the UK are very few and far between- I’ve tried Gluck (she almost killed me with her high dose of progesterone cream) and I’ve tried Bond (who is rude) – doesn’t leave me with a lot of choice does it?

    • I’m sorry to hear about this Jess! Unfortunately, I do not know of any bioidentical hormone doctors in the UK – I wish I could help! Don’t give up, there are good physicians out there that are offering these services safely.

      ~Menopause MANIAC

  • hi found a very good doctor who test and prescibes bio identicals , as im from manchester i had to travell and its quite expensive, but as a one off i feel we owe it to ourselves. her name is julia piper and her office is in leicester ,im waiting to receive my cream and start treatment ,heres hoping it works ,will keep u posted ,PAULA