Focusing on Good Times

Things are going rather well for me, right now. I haven’t had any bad symptoms in a while (Thank you, AwesomeDoctor!) and everything in my life seems to be pretty much on track. It’s nice.

I think we, as women (and especially menopausal women!) probably don’t take the time to appreciate times like these, when the going’s good. It’s not to say that there’s nothing to complain about — there’s always something to complain about — but you don’t have to focus on that. You can focus on the good, instead.

It can be hard, sometimes. I know. I’ve been through some of the worst depths of unreasonable depression. You may need to get your hormones balanced in order to see the good, but the good is out there. Once you find it and focus on it, things all seem to go a lot better.

Love and balance to you all, my dear fellow Maniacs,



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