Food For Menopausal Thought

This Mother’s Day, like every Sunday and holiday and pretty much any time I see family, revolves around food. Do we eat out? Do we cook? If so, what? Brunch, dinner, ice cream party?

One thing about menopause I’ve noticed is, food really affects how I feel, both physically and emotionally. I remember when I started to notice how my body would “pay up” after eating something not-so-great for me, even though ten years before I could wolf down anything and wake up feeling great. Oh, how our body betrays us!

One aspect of bioidentical hormone therapy is not just the hormones, but discussing a great eating plan that can complement your body. I found this great list of foods on WebMD that can help you cope with the menopausal rollercoaster, by supporting your body and keeping it strong. This includes

*Calcium – and they don’t mean just milk! Veggies such as broccoli added to dairy products can add calcium without added fat.

*Fiber – Apples, whole grain breads and pastas, and cereals can help keep you full, and regular, without a huge portion of food.

*Iron – Along with calcium, many women don’t get enough iron. Iron supplements can also be constipating and not fun to take. Get your iron through meat and poultry, nuts, eggs, and leafy greens.

* Water, water, water, water, water!

*Fruits and vegetables in general are satisfying and a whole food – make sure you eat 2-4 four servings a day.

But on Mother’s Day, a nice belgian waffle with fruit seems like not such a bad idea. Moderation, anyone?


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  • Uh…..Judy….Did you actually read that article on webMD?
    It included isolflavones and soy as good for hotflashes (this is very dangerous info!) and then gave a link to a hormone replacement page, touting the benfits of Prempro and Premarin!
    I would hardly call webMD a source of health info. Bet you didn’t know it is sponsored and paid for by WYETH!