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MarilynI spit in some tubes. I put drops of blood on a card. I’ve been to see my BodyLogicMD doctor. And now I have some answers. I also have a box of supplements and hormones, along with a bunch of support. So, here’s what I’ve learned so far…

It turns out that I am a classic – a classic example of perimenopause. My estrogen and progesterone are both low, and also out of balance with each other. My testosterone levels are also low. After hearing about my drooping hormones, I learned that there is something that’s on the high end. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a relief. My cortisol levels are nearly off the top of the chart. To make matters worse, I start the day like that! Something about my “fight or flight” response being on high alert the moment I awake. Yikes! A thyroid level that’s a bit off and a lack of vitamin D (which puts me on track for a hereditary “widow’s hump” if I don’t take care) round out the diagnosis.

This all explains a lot. For starters, my fatigue and trouble getting a full night’s sleep. And the way the skin on my arms and legs is so dry – and starting to sag. My periods are still pretty regular, but heavier and more uncomfortable. Adding to that is the spotting I’ve never had to deal with before, making me feel as if my body will betray me any day of the month (and scaring me out of wearing all of my white and khaki pants, shorts and capris). I also have a better understanding of what makes my libido tick and why it’s been slowing down. It really isn’t fair that now my kids are older and the physical demands of being a mom aren’t so bad, I’m just not in the mood like I think I should be. Oh yeah. Then there’s the weight that I’ve avoided putting on for my entire adult life that has found a resting place on my stomach, thighs and hips. Not fair! I even exercise more than I did in my 30s, but it seems to be doing less. 

Thankfully, I have a doctor who can help me put things back in order. Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t going to be magic. First, I have to stop the SAD (standard American diet) and start eating a healthier diet. Next, I’ve got to take my workouts more seriously and find time to exercise every day. Then, the added supplements and hormones I’ve been prescribed can have a chance to work at their highest levels.

I’m not expecting overnight success, but I do have high hopes. From all of my research (and believe me, I’ve done tons as a freelance writer specializing in women’s health), I’ve learned that the human body gives pretty clear clues about what’s missing, what’s low and what’s on overdrive. Luckily for me, Science has taken those clues and found a way to naturally and gently balance what’s off and help put me back on track. 



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  • Sandra Boelter

    Just to let you know that I had the same problem as you described only I have had a hysterectomy. I was on the prgram just like you the same prescriptions or close to it. Did it for about eight months. I felt worse that before getting on the program. Put more weight on than I did for the last five years since the hysterectomy. Now I’m off of everthing I feel better but still struggling with the weight. So this program didn’t work for me it made my life worse, and cost me thousands of dollars that I didn’t have.

  • Brenda Jenkins

    Hi Marilyn. I would love to hear more about your treatment options and follow your progress. I had similar test results especially the high cortisol numbers with BLMD. My email address is