Getting The Skinny About Celebs

Is it me, or has it been all about celebrities losing weight this week? Valerie Bertinelli is flashing a bikini bod everywhere, and Oprah had her, Starr Jones and Marie Osmond on her show. They spoke about their weight issues, both publicly and privately, and the differences in their weight loss routines. No mention of hormones, though, hmm. Don’t you wonder what else played a role in their weight gain and loss? Me too.

Yes, all of these celebrities are women battling their weight. They’re also women over 40, and this is what’s been catching the attention of writers – and people – everywhere. Bonnie Fuller, media maven who led such magazines as Us Weekly, Star and YM, knows her celebs and isn’t afraid to speak her mind about them. Her article in this week’s Huffington Post, titled Cougars and MILFs Rule! 40 Year-Old Women are WAY Hotter Than 20-Year Olds! has popped a lot of eyes WIDE open. It’s great to see non-kiddie looking women becoming the focus of positive attention, but to me, it’s still not realistic. And as these women hit their 50s, I’ll be curious to see how they manage menopause, hot flashes, etc. Or, will we only see these beautifully airbrushed pictures?

Dieting and keeping young in both mind and body are still all the rage. How hormone replacement therapy fits in to your aging program is definitely between you and your doctor. But, I hope more celebrities will be as honest about their own experiences with HRT as Suzanne Somers, or even 80s pop star Taylor Dane, who mentions how hormones play a role in weight management in this tidbit from the Celebrity Diet Doctor (ok, ok, now I can admit how pop culture obsessed I am!) Click on the link – she looks amazing! And she’s 47!

If weight issues are part of your menopause experience, check out this link from Reader’s Digest: “13 Things You Never Knew About Your Weight”. It may help you come to different conclusions about your struggles, and is a must read for anyone!


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  • Thank you for spreading the word and helping us women get the information we need to get empowered and stop allowing ourselves to suffer for no reason. I am sure the medical establishment of which Drs. Holtrf, Brownstein and myself are part of, will wake up and realize their only mission is to serve the patient.
    Thank you!
    Dr. Erika