Hanging Out with Younger Moms

Last time I posted, I mentioned Timmy’s birthday. The party wasn’t too bad – but the other moms do get to me, sometimes. I’m easily the oldest in that group. I guess that’s what you get when you have a kid later on, huh?

The problem is that the younger moms just make me feel old. The things they talk about – I haven’t been interested in things like that in years! They all seem so immature and energetic. How can anyone with kids have that much energy? I don’t remember having energy like that when I was their age and I had the girls.

And Timmy has mentioned a few times that so-and-so said his mother said this-or-that about me and PatientHubby, and the difference in our ages. I’ve never really called myself a cougar, but if I am, is that so bad?

PatientHubby says that they’re just jealous and I shouldn’t let it get to me. That’s easier said than done.

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