Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Sorry I didn’t blog last week.  I had people flying and driving in from 4 different locations.  I had 16 people living and eating in the house all weekend long.  Whew!  I am a worn out Maniac!

All went well though, I am happy to say.  I didn’t lose my cool even once.  I probably should have though.  Scraping the nephew’s booger off the bathroom wall could really put anyone over the top!  At least I HOPE it was the nephew.  I really wish the pharmacy sold home DNA kits.  I would have loved to find out who the owner of the booger is and stick it in an envelope and send it back to them. 

Most importantly, I didn’t eat or drink too much….  You weren’t buying that, were you?

I joined “The Biggest Loser” competition here at work last week.  There is obviously a fairly masochistic side of me that would join a weight loss contest right before the holidays.  I figured it would help me to stay honest and not OVER indulge.  Because let’s be honest, I WILL indulge!  I not only have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year to worry about.  At the end of next week the family is going to Puerto Rico for a week and a half!  Muy Bueno!

So ladies, let’s have a great holiday season with balance!  Have a cookie…just not 10.  Have a glass of wine…just not 10.  Work out…just try.   Hormonally, be patient balancing those hormones.  It’s truly an art form.  If you are taking BHRT, track your symptoms so you can be at your most optimum.  If you haven’t started, what are you waiting for?  Make an appointment today!  When people ask what you want for the holidays….say HORMONES.  Naturally! 🙂


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