Have you heard of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

Sometimes I feel like I am alone in this journey – all of my friends are either past the age of menopause, or have not begun, although I am willing to bet a few are just in denial!

How long was I in denial? Let’s see, it was over 2 years ago that I started with the night sweats and severe mood swings. At the time I was only 46 and was going through personal issues that I assumed were making me feel so bad. Finally I went to see my regular physician and told him what I was experiencing – I insisted I had some kind of incurable disease (or perhaps it was just menopause) that he needed to diagnose it. He agreed to do the appropriate blood tests which of course, came back normal…my FSH was at 12.9 and my Estradiol was 140.6. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed, I thought there had to be a reason for my craziness but tests don’t lie, right? There was no rhyme or reason, I was just losing it!

Over the next 18 months I gained 30 pounds, my night sweats turned into hourly hot flashes, my skin aged 10 years, my hair started falling out and I started to accept the fact that life was going to suck from this point on.

Finally, about 6 months ago, I was done – God never meant me to be miserable and somehow I knew this in my heart, so I went back to the doctor and told him his tests were wrong, that the way I felt could not be normal, and he needed to retest (if he wanted to live J )! He must of feared for his life because he sent me immediately to the clinic and the next day my results were back…FSH was up to 107.8 and Estradiol down to <12!!! There was also an email message from my doctor: “The high FSH and low E2 (estradiol) levels mean you are definitely in menopause.”  – I felt like replying to his email….you’re kidding???

I was so happy to finally have a reason for what I was feeling and going through and just by chance it was around this time Oprah and Dr. Phil started talking about ant-aging  and hormone replacement therapy. I was thrilled to learn there was a BodylogicMD office a few miles from my hometown! I made the call, got the tests and finally got in to see the doctor who confirmed that yes, I was a maniac, but it was not my fault and he was going to help me.

Now that I have been on Bioidentical Hormones for a couple of months it is time to go back to Dr. Grossman for a follow up. In Suzanne Somers book on the subject she stated that it took several months for her to notice results but as I’ve already mentioned I felt better within 2 weeks of starting the program! Still, I keep asking myself if I’m just imagining it so I’m looking forward to what the doctor has to say! And  I am also looking forward to the day when my friends come to me and say, Diane, I feel like I am going crazy, and then I can smile and say, have you heard of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?


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  • Monica

    I feel the same way, Diane. I hope that in my getting help, it will inspire my lovely friends to get help when they need it too. 🙂

  • 12 years ago I had breast cancer. They took away all my estrogen because they(doctors) said estrogen feeds cancer. Overnight I went into menopause.Since then I have never been the same. I would like to know if there was any doctors in South Africa in the Cape Town area who works or believes in this bio-identical hormones. The doctors said I am not allow to take any hormones. Will appreciate to hear from you.
    Thankyou so much.
    love marie Wilson

  • Monica

    Hi Marie,

    I don’t think there are any BodyLogicMD doctors outside the states. If I were you, see if you can find a compounding pharmacy. Call them and get some referrals. I found this place on Google http://www.compounding.co.za/ See if you can start there! Best of luck to you Marie!


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  • I really enjoyed this blog. I guess I feel really along right now because I don’t really have anyone else in my life going through this who I can speak to about bioidenticals, etc. It was the same way when I had kids — the first of all my friends, so I guess I should be used to it! I will look for a BodyLogic MD in my area (Boston), but I did find this article from Marcelle Pick about bioidenticals that has good basic info for anyone interested – it helped me get a handle on things: Bioidentical hormones: are they right for you?

  • Monica

    Hi Jacqueline!

    I feel the same as you. None of my friends or (older!) sisters are going through this and I feel a bit like a pioneer! It’s nice to have you here because we all feel less alone.

    Let me know how it goes with Boston BodyLogicMD!


  • sharon

    where can i get this product. is it safe.?

  • Here is a site that can hopefully provide you with the information you’re looking for: Biodientical Hormone Doctors

  • marlene

    please can you help me find a doctor in south africa that administers bioidentical hormone replacement, i am 47 years and going through hell, i have a very demainding career and cannot cope with life anymore. my doctor put me on synthetic hormones premarin, but i a scared to continue treatment with premarin

    • Hi marlene,
      where are you? I know of doctors in n suburbs

  • Judy

    Dr Duncan Carmichael in Sea Point does believe and prescribes these hormones. I have been on them for over a year now and feel so much better, BUT I have to warn you all that this is no cheap solution and medical aids cover almost nothing. I think the challenge for us is to demand that medical aids start recognising this treatment.

  • Hi,
    Have a look at our website – http://www.reakiri.co.za. We are a compounding pharmacy that works with doctors specialising in bio-identical HRT. You can use either pellets, as Susanne Somers does, or creams. If you are interested in being referred to a physician, contact me on jenny@reakiri.co.za.