Here Comes Another Menopause Maniac: Jessica!

You ladies are awesome! Another Menopausal Maniac joins the fold! Okay, not fold. We’re not sheep! So, let me re-write that.

Another Menopausal Maniac joins the party!

Yeah, that’s lots better. 🙂

Hi, everyone! I’m Jessica. Or Jessie, whichever you like. 🙂  I’m only 37, but menopause (or perimenopause, really. Close enough, I think!) has already swooped down and caught an unwelcomed piggy-back ride on my life.

Before my perimenopause began, I was living a great life. I had my sugar-cake sweetie (my adorable daughter, who’s 4 years old now) and my big strong protector (my great dane. I love dogs!). I had a good job and awesome friends, and I’d really gotten over all the crutches that held me back when I was younger. I was vibrant and active and friendly, and I loved life!

But then something just happened. The insomnia is the worst. I can’t sleep through the night anymore. I’ll wake up feeling like someone moved by bed into a volcano, and then that would pass, and my bed was suddenly transported to the artic. I don’t like wet bedsheets. 🙁

I lost my daytime energy, too. I guess since I’m not really sleeping so well at night, I just start craving sleep during the day. But I’m too busy to really give in to the urge to nap. Still, my motivation is quickly slipping away, and getting replaced by fat. Which is really, really not fun.

I’m losing patience with my sugar-cake, too. It’s so important to be patient with children, but I catch myself snapping at her so often. There are times where I just have to convince myself that I’m not really a bad mother. It’s hard. I don’t want to be so short with her, but I just crack so easily now. I didn’t used to be like that. 🙁

Today, though, is a good day. I still have lots of those. I’m afraid that these good days are going to get less frequent, but I really hope not. But maybe if I can talk about the bad days, it’ll make them pass by more quickly. Fingers crossed, right?

Jessica Out


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  • Grey Manor

    Welcome, Jessica! Keep your head and stay cool, and welcome to the Mania!