Hissy Fit

Yesterday I had a hissy fit in my car.  Here’s the story….

I got off work and was VERY excited to attend my Jazzercise class.  One hour of sweating, dancing and fun!   I had skipped a week of class because my oldest Mini Maniac was in town, and was anxious to get my funk on.  I had told my entire family of my plans and expected Mr. Maniac to take one of the other Mini Maniacs to her sewing class.

I am walking toward the dance floor and my phone is yelling “Hey, your phone’s ringing!”  I ignored it and it persisted “HEY, YOUR PHONE’S RINGING!”  Then it screams “AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”  Yeah, it’s kind of annoying, but it gets my attention.  Mini Maniac is on the line telling me Daddy Maniac isn’t there to take her to her class.  I stomped out of the gym and threw my stuff in the car.  Called Mr. Maniac and asked him very nicely why he wasn’t at home for his taxi duty.  He said “Quit yelling at me!”  Ok, so maybe I didn’t ask him nicely.  Meanwhile, I am taking off my shoe (while driving and shouting at Mr. Maniac) and I threw it.  I really wanted to throw it out the window, but they are expensive sneakers.  I threw it backwards and it hit the back window.  BAM!  That felt good!  Mr. Maniac wasn’t properly contrite, so I hung up on him and BAM!  I threw the other shoe at the back window.

Is that why there are always mystery sneakers on the side of the road?  I always wondered how shoes mysteriously ended up on the road.  Now we know!



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  • Diane

    What about the ones you see hanging from phone lines over the road, tied to gether by their shoestrings….another mad woman, or perhaps an adolesent going through an differant kind of hormonal imbalance that I am pretty sure my daught went through back then!

    So how was PMS week? Are we over it? Was that your last hurrah?

  • Dawn

    Very funny! Hope you have a better day today sweetie. Love you

  • Yvette

    That is to funny 🙂

  • Monica

    Diane, those hanging shoes are the work of bored teenagers, I think! Haha! And you are right, they are all hormonally imbalanced!

    PMS week was not as bad as it usually is. I was touchy for a few days, but not nearly as moody as normal. It could be that Kat was here and that was keeping my spirits up. Who knows! Time will tell!

    Yvette, love you!

  • dawn

    I feel out of control of my emotions and I don’t know what to do. Right now my life is in turmoil. My kids don’t want to be around me and my husband wants out. I cann’t blame them, most of the day I want to get away from me too.