Holiday Food Meltdown Help!

Passover starts this week and Easter is Sunday, and you know what that means? Family, food, drinks, water retention, and weight gain, hooray! This is not pleasant for anyone, but us menopausal ladies know how difficult it is to manage our food and weight.

WebMD has a ton of articles that may be able to help you through the holiday food-blues. I was especially pleased to read “The Worst Diets Ever: Diets That Don’t Work,” which outlines why fad diets are exactly that – fads that produce results for a little while, but are definitely not successful in the long term. This includes diets that focus on only one food or food group at a time – hello, grapefruit diet anyone?; diets that encourage fasting or taking in very little calories during the day; diets that sound too good to be true, or claim to hold on to that weight loss secret woman have been looking for FOREVER; “detox” diets like flushes or colonics; and diets that feature a “miracle food” that when eating in huge amounts will bring you back to your teenage body.

Beware! Eating a wide variety of foods – think in terms of color scheme, like an interior decorator putting a well-coordinated room together. A “rainbow” of produce, protein, dairy, complex carbs (if you’re not celebrating Passover this week, otherwise matzah will have to do for a few days) and can we ever forget a small amount of oils and fun food – will help you maintain your weight.

Now, don’t get discouraged – there is a great group of “Superfoods” that nutritionists believe help people from overeating, while providing great nutritional benefits. These include green tea, broth or tomato based soups, green salads (hold the croutons, please), yogurt (low- or fat-free both work), beans, whole grain cereal, water (duh), and light diet shakes (I’m on the fence about this one, since most nutritionists will tell you not to eat foods that are processed, and these are, well, not really all that natural). I’ve also heard that any high fiber fruits, like apples and plums, help you from eating too much by filling you up and providing water at the same time.

So, this and every holiday season, do the best you can do for yourself when it comes to eating. Arm yourself with food knowledge and don’t even let those pounds in! And, if you feel the need to splurge for one holiday meal – I promise, I won’t tell!


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  • I have a new weapon against overeating. Hypnosis! I know, it sounds crazy, huh?
    Well….I’ve long since won my battle with bulge, so I wasn’t looking for a “diet” (I eat really healthy), I just wanted to stop drinking red wine for a while. I love my one glass every night, but wondered if I’d lose 2 or 3 pounds if I cut that out.

    So, a friend suggested hypnosis CDs designed for weight loss, saying I could envision my normal eating habits without the wine, as my “plan”.
    OMG…. it’s been 7 days, and I haven’t had wine, I haven’t wanted it, AND I am also not eating anything that isn’t on my strictest plan, since the hypnosis “visions” of my plan don’t include occasional treats. This was a complete accident, but I’m no longer even thinking about desserts or snacks, either.

    Now, for me, I will adjust my food plan back to wine occasionally and dessert weekly, and then listen to the CDs again, with this vision, because I don’t want to get too thin.

    But for those of you looking to lose, I think this is amazing. I’m not selling anything, so I won’t identify the actual CDs. I think any would work.
    If I did need to lose weight, this would be a godsend. It makes you calm, and happy and love exercise too. I’m going to keep listening (15 minutes a day) because I love the way it makes me feel.

    Easter? Passover? Family? Bring it on, I’m not worried at all, now.