Hormone Balance

I have asked these questions several times since starting my bioidentical hormone therapy: Do I really have more energy? Is my skin starting to look better? Is my body actually starting to regain some of its youthful appearance and vitality? Are the aches and pains in my knee, hips and back truly lessening? Or is it all in my mind? And now, after reading my fellow maniacs most recent blog, I find myself wondering if along with everything else, am I getting less moody too?

Filling out the symptoms survey at Bodylogicmd.com was definitely an eye opener. I found myself answering “Yes” or “Often” to questions like; “Do you suffer from headaches? Do you have difficulty handling stress? Have you noticed it is harder to concentrate? I just assumed these were normal parts of the aging process and had never really given them any thought, until I read what BodyLogicMD has to say on the subject:

Brain – “The Processor”   – The most amazing component of the human body, the brain stores our memories, governs our entire body and controls our temperature, growth, coordination, balance, sleep, learning, taste, speech, moral judgment, problem solving, hand-eye coordination, aggression, creativity, meditation, emotions and sexuality. As hormone levels drop, the brain ages and processes slower.

It has been about 2 months since I started hormone replacement therapy. In the first month I think my body may have somehow over compensated because I went from being angry, cranky, moody and generally negative all the time to feeling like life was perfect, nothing, no one could bring me down to earth and I have to admit, I might even have been little hard to live with because I was too happy (if that is possible).

Today I feel like I may finally be experiencing hormonal balance because my emotions seen to be more even keeled and for the most part, life is good. Yes, I still get stressed now and then but not everything sets me off like it used to. I find that I am now able to communicate my feelings without screaming andor crying and I am less aggressive in “discussions” yet find it easier to express myself and get my point across.

So as I look back at my mental health a few months ago, and compare it to today, I guess I would have to say yes, it is all in my mind, but that is a good thing! So hang in there fellow maniac, I promise it gets better!


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  • Monica

    As usual Diane, your posts give me hope! Thank you!!! 🙂