How much is Your Health Really Worth- to You?

In the New Year, finances and health always top the list of resolutions.  In this economy it can be challenging to decide the best places to allocate your funds and how to budget for optimal health.

When making this decision, you have to remember that without your health, life – at best – is difficult. I have personally experienced financial challenges in my life – my husband lost his job and I had just began a new one (on commission)- we debated over the things to keep and the things to cut back on. We decided that hormone therapy needed to be a priority – it is that important to my quality of life, and my long-term health.

When women ask me about my bioidentical hormone therapy treatments, the cost is among the most common questions asked. Many women, while impressed with my results, fear they cannot afford bioidentical hormone therapy. I always ask them, “If you broke your leg, would you invest in having your leg set in cast so it can heal or simply hop on crutches for the rest of your life because it’s less expensive?  If you were diabetic, would you just skip the insulin and eat more vegetables hoping for the best? By the same token, you are suffering from hot flashes, depression, lack of sleep, lost libido, mood swings and weight gain – hoping a gym membership and some soy powder will change all this.”  Year after year, we spend money on star climbers, diet shakes, creams for vaginal dryness and sleep aids for insomnia….not to mention a barrage of prescriptions for anxiety, depression and mood swings – all in hopes of relief.  So many women have been told that all these temporary remedies are their only option and these symptoms are just a “natural part of aging” that we must simply “deal with it as best we can.” Statements like this upset me because women do not have to deal with it – they can actually be rid of it!

Having balanced hormones impacts every system in the body. Instead of wasting valuable time with the “discomforts of aging” or spending your hard-earned money on temporary fixes, stop and take a long look in the mirror and back over your life, now tell me – what is a consistent positive attitude, energy that usually outlasts the day, easier weight management, uninterrupted sleep, freedom from hot flashes, night sweats and a revitalized interest and performance in the bedroom really worth?!

In my opinion, no woman should be without hormone therapy if she needs it. That is like telling a heart patient to do without her blood pressure medication.


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