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Hi, my name is Jamie Glenn and I just wanted to talk about BodyLogicMD and how I found BodyLogicMD, to let other women know what they can do to help there hormonal imbalances. My story started when I was in my twenties and I started having lots of problems with birth control pills – I was getting migraines and all the other symptoms that everybody had from taking birth control pills. I tried going off of them and had all kinds of problems and ended up having to have several DNC’s and a balloon ablation and finally a full hysterectomy with my ovaries’ removed. And that of course threw me into full-on menopause, which was awful and my doctor recommended that I used synthetic hormones. At the time I didn’t realize that there was a difference between synthetic hormones and bioidentical hormones, so I went on these synthetic hormones and had more problems than before I had my hysterectomy. I was experiencing hot flashes every fifteen minutes and all of the other horrible symptoms that come along with menopause and the worst part is I was only 42-years-old.

I probably went to ten different doctors, they all told me I was fine because I’m not overweight – they just take one look at me and say you’re healthy, when in reality I knew that I wasn’t. Finally I found a doctor who helped me somewhat, but he didn’t know anything about bioidentical hormones either, but he was willing to help me look in to it a little bit more, but unfortunately he ended up moving and I wasn’t able to get his help anymore.  I started looking on my own over the internet and I read Suzanne Somers book Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness and I was just unbelievably shocked by everything I read in it – it just made so much sense, it was what I needed all along. Suzanne talked about bioidentical hormones and while searching the internet, I came across BodyLogicMD and I found San Diego bioidentical hormones expert, Dr. Melinda Silva. I went in to the office made my appointment, did my pre-consultation blood work and saliva testing to find assess my hormone levels.

I went in for my first appointment and she told me that I was her very first patient, which was a little alarming at first, but after I talked to her I found out that she was very knowledgeable on the subject and she spent hours with me  explaining everything and reviewing my test results. Dr. Silva told me that I had severe adrenal failure, and had pretty much no hormones left. I was in bad shape, but now, 8 months later, I feel so much better. I feel like a different person, better than I did in my twenties and in addition to helping me balance my hormones, she also helped me start eating better and working out regularly, which wasn’t easy because I love all kinds of junk food. I’ve really been amazed with the results. I lost 12 lbs., which doesn’t sound like much, but I was starting to get that middle section that women get when they start going through menopause and its gone now and I have abs again! I feel fantastic and I highly recommend Dr. Silva and BodyLogicMD.  Give them a call!

-Jamie Glenn, patient of Dr. Melinda Silva, BodyLogicMD of San Diego


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