I will continue to feel better

In late September I wrote about my second appointment with BodyLogicMD. Dr. Grossman reviewed my new test results and made nutritional suggestions. Since then I have talked about Ultra Flora and fiber, and most recently about how Gluten affects me. (I am now positive that I am gluten intolerant in a big way because after avoiding it again, for a week now, every thing is moving along smoothly.)

When I had my second appointment the biggest change my doctor recommended was to add Estrogen to my ProgesteroneTestosterone regimen. Since starting BHRT this has been my biggest fear. My mother passed away in 1964 from Breast Cancer and everything I have read and heard since warns women with a history of breast cancer in their families to not take the Estrogen. When I told my gynecologist at Kaiser I was going to BodyLogicMD she told me she was very interested in bioidentical hormones and has even been thinking about taking them herself. But, even she recommended I forgo the Estrogen. I was faced with a huge decision – so far I have been very impressed with my BHRT. I am seeing and feeling results. My skin looks better, I have more energy, my attitude is more positive, I am regular AND my libido is back! Why shouldn’t I trust my doctor with this recommendation when everything else he has suggested has worked? Logically I am telling myself just do it, emotionally I am freaking out about it.

At that point my hot flashes were out of control! They were hitting a couple of times an hour, and they were significant, so I decided to take a step of faith and let him prescribe the Estrogen.

Now here is it 3 weeks later, I am almost out of the cream without the Estrogen and I sitting here staring at the bottle – BI-EST 1.25. According to Google Mama “BI-EST is a combination of two estrogens: estriol and estradiol. It is most commonly found in a ratio of 80:20, estriol to estradiol. This combination allows for all of the protection of estriol while providing the cardiovascular and osteoporosis benefits along with the vasomotor symptom relief of estradiol.” And once again, I find myself freaking out about – especially since my hot flashes are not nearly as bad as they were 3 weeks ago!

I know that the hot flashes will return, just like they did a few months ago therefore I will start the new cream in a couple days. I will move forward with my treatment. I will believe that because these hormones are prepared specifically for me and my body by a compounding pharmacy and come from natural sources derived from plants, that they do not have the same risks associated with them that synthetic hormones have. And I will continue to feel better.

In reading comments from women on this blog I can see a lot of you are suffering, some issues may be related to hormonal imbalance, some may not be. I just want you to know that I feel your pain. I know what you are going through. I cannot tell you to start hormones, or not start them, I just want you to know that I struggle too…and I am listening J


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