If Reese Witherspoon and Demi Moore can do it, I can too!

OliviaThese celebrities prove that getting older doesn’t have to mean getting old. Sure, they have the luxury of plastic surgeons, nutritionists and personal trainers at their disposal, but the one thing I’m finding we all have in common is hormones.

A few months ago, I started reading up on bioidentical hormones, after discovering that the symptoms I was experiencing were a result of perimenopause. Okay, we’ve all heard of menopause, but PERIMENOPAUSE? When did they plan on telling us about this one? As a woman, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect as far as symptoms go, but I never imagined feeling the effects this soon! When I talked to my doctor, he told me that perimenopause is the stage in a woman’s life, just before she enters menopause. So let me get this straight – women have to deal with menopause, life after menopause (which I hear is no picnic either) and now to find out that there’s an opening act? What’s a girl to do?

My doctor recommended bioidentical hormone therapy, to help ease some of my symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats and hair loss. YES – hair loss. Gross, I know. And I’m not talking about a strand here and there; I was shedding like a cat. I have to admit, despite my symptoms, I was a bit reluctant to start treatment, because a lot of the information was new to me and I was uncertain whether or not it was the right thing to do.

I started treatment about a month back and already I’m beginning to notice significant results. My skin is more radiant, my shower drain isn’t clogged with clumps of hair, I have more energy and my hot flashes and night sweats have become few and far in between, all thanks to my doc and bioidentical hormone therapy.

My point is, there are a variety of natural alternatives out there to help women look and feel young again, without the need for plastic surgery and personal trainers. All of the plastic surgeons in the world couldn’t make me feel the way I do now, and it’s getting better by the day!  



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  • Rosie O’Donneel, too! In fact, it’s funny to compare pre-bioHRT Rosie from the View with the calm, happy Rosie on Oprah last week!

  • I have been on bioidenticals since Sept. 1, 2009. Yep I know the exact date, because I was miserable and I wanted to mark my journey. Now when I complain that I have not lost weight, people tell me I just need to ‘settle into getting older.’ Who the heck wants to do that??? Why, at 48, do I have to settle into being older? Like you said, Demi doesn’t do that, so why should I? I plan on doing whatever I can to maintain the vitality I had just 24 months ago!

    The books say we’re supposed to gain our weight slowly through this menopause journey…well mine happend in about 30 days! Suddenly I was 25 lbs. larger! Then six months later, I was a total of 35 lbs. heavier! There has to be some help here and I’m waiting (and patting my foot) until these hormones kick in and help my body to recognize my clean eating and regular exercise sessions.

    Even though I see improvements in my skin, a tiny bit in my sleep patterns, my congnitive skills, and my moods, I have not lost a pound 🙁 and my libido — well WHAT libido? Doc doubled my testosterone today and I am so so excited!

    Who says I have to settle into getting older???? uh! NOT ME!



  • Monica


    My weight gain is also troubling me. It is SO hard to lose those 25 pounds! I have given up sugar and flour products. I hope to see some results soon! Hang in there!

    Monica 🙂