I’m imbalanced

Yep, I have imbalanced hormones!  Thank goodness it’s not all in my head!

Here’s how my day went:

7am – Mr. Maniac rolled over and said “Hun, it’s 7:00, don’t you want to get up?”  So much for going into work early!  I debated for about 5 minutes on whether to shave my legs.  Normally when a person sees a doctor, there are special preparations involved.  I can’t help falling back into old habits.  I looked at the clock again and decided I didn’t have time.  Livin’ on the edge!

8:30am- Finally rolled into work and had my morning breakfast of coffee.  (Yes, I was told that wasn’t the optimal breakfast, and I will try to remedy that).

10:45am- Spoke to my boss and told her I was on my way out the door for my appointment.  Got in my car, took a dorky video and drove to my appointment.  SOOOO NERVOUS!

Here’s a picture of me in the car before the appointment:

11:15am- Arrived at Dr. Thomas’ office.  Took a picture of his nameplate in the lobby. 

Here’s the nameplate.  There is Dr. Archer as well!

Got some strange looks from the people walking through.  Must have looked a little like a stalker!

11:50am- Was escorted to Dr. Thomas’ office and had a seat.  I wondered if he knew I was going to be blogging about him.  I signed several forms and listened to different explanations of policy and procedure.  It felt like 30 minutes of paperwork.  It was probably less than five.  All I could think of was “pleeeeease tell me the results!”   I kept my composure though and waited patiently for him to say the magic words……….he said ”your hormones are out of balance.”  I almost climbed up on his desk and did a little tap dance.  I kept my cool though and coolly nodded my head in agreement.  Yeah, I’m super smooth like that.  *wink wink* Inside of me, I heaved a big sigh of relief.  Five years I have been going through this.  FIVE YEARS!  I see relief in my future and I can’t wait!  I finally told him about the blog and asked to take a picture.  I must have looked like a groupie!

Here is Dr. Thomas ordering my precious natural hormones:

I am estrogen dominant.  I am not surprised by this after having read so many books on menopause.  My progesterone was very low and balancing that out should help with the symptoms I am having with the estrogen dominance.  He handed me a flyer on estrogen dominance and it was amazing that I suffered with almost every single one of the 23 symptoms.  My testosterone was also low and I will be taking that as well.  My DHEA is low, and have been prescribed KETO-DHEA.  Dr. Thomas said my cortisol was basically flat lined and I am in adrenal fatigue.  He prescribed Adreset which is an herb to get them back to normal levels.  Then we joked that I could get pregnant now!  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!  NO THANK YOU!

I met with Dr. Thomas for almost an hour and a half.  He was very kind and very personable.  I know that this is a good doctor for me.  I genuinely felt he cared about my symptoms and wanted to help me.

Dr. Thomas, if you have found this blog, thank you! 

Me after my appointment:


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  • Diane

    That was one of my biggest moments….”YES, It’s not all in my head….there is a reason I am feeling this way!!!” Anyway glad to hear that you like your doctor…I am excited to hear how long it is before you start feeling the results of the DHEA and Adreset. (The Adreset is similar to the Adrenevive that I was prescribed) with the exception of 1 ingredient. Keep us posted!

  • Monica

    I can’t wait to get the meds! 🙂 I can’t start the progesterone until next cycle though as I take them on very specific days of the cycle.

    AHHHHHHH so relieved!

  • I am very happy that you on on the road to wellness! I was the 50 year old on the Dr. Phil show that aired April 21, 2009 concerning hormonal imbalance. I know how you have felt as I suffered with symptoms for twelve years. Don’t get discouraged as you progress. The Doc may have to adjust your meds and supplements in the coming months. Make sure you do all of your homework (i.e. eating right, exercise, stress management, etc.) as it will all help improve how you feel.

    The website is a blog I just started about my journey. I am really pitiful when it comes to being computer savvy. Make sure you continue to read and educate yourself about menopause and aging in general. You can reach me at brybeck@verizon.net. Your new life is just beginning!

    Warmest Regards,

    Becky Cogley

  • Monica

    Hi Becky!

    Thank you for your comments. I will remain patient. I know it could take some time for us to find my optimum levels.

    I really love your reminder about doing all of the other things like eating right, exercising, and reducing stress. It is all very important in striking that balance.

    This morning I ate a Zone bar with my coffee. Yes, probably not the best thing to eat, but at least I ate! 🙂 Today we are headed off to the grocery store. We still haven’t shopped since our vacation. I will try to get more fruits and veggies.

    Your support means so much to me Becky! I hope you are well and balanced! 😉