I’m worth it!

I finally made an appointment for my follow up visit. I don’t know why I kept putting off doing so…true, I have been on the road  a lot but deep down inside I know that I was avoiding it…what was I afraid of?

I think that part of me was content with my progress and I started thinking that since I feel so much better than I did last year at this time I would just keep taking the meds I have already been subscribed and not go back until my prescriptions ran out.

I believe I was also a little afraid – what if I go back only to find out that my hormone levels are no different than they were, and that all of the benefits I have experienced are in my mind? Or what if he decides I need to add the estrogen…why am I having such a hard time with that now?

But then I started having the hot flashes again and figured Dr. Grossman would probably want to know.

When I called to make the appointment yesterday I mentioned, casually, that I was starting to have hot flashes on a regular basis and she was very concerned, so much so that as soon as she had booked my appointment she put me through to Dr. Grossman’s office so that I could speak to him.

It only took 2 hours and 2 phone calls for my BodyLogicMD doctor to determine that my regimen probably needs some tweaking, and he said that he wants me to make certain (simple) changes right away so that I don’t continue to suffer with the flashes between now and my follow up. He also ordered another saliva test (yay….more spitting!!!) so that he can see exactly where my hormone levels are today compared to before I started the program.

My next appointment is the middle of August, so I have a little over 2 weeks to see if the changes will make a difference. Until then, I continue to be impressed with the personalized care and support I receive from the people at BodyLogicMD, not only with Dr. Grossman but with the staff as well. Yes, it is a little expensive, but not nearly as costly as ignoring my physical and emotional needs at this time of my life…I’m worth it, right??? And so are you!!!


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  • Monica

    Hi Diane,

    What changes did he recommend you take?

    And YES, you are definitely worth it!


  • Diane

    He reccommended I split my progesteronetestosterone cream into 2 – 1/2 ml applicatons, and that I cut my Adrenevive dose in half. Hopefully I will see a differance before my next appt 🙂