We just got home from our vacation!  We spent a week camping at Assateague Island with 7 other families.  (And many wild horses!)  I think there were about 33 of us.  Incredible!  We bought a new camper in April and I named her Hotflash.  Yes, she is female and yes, she is hot!  

Just for fun, here’s one of the delicious meals:



It was a great time!  I still managed to have insomnia each and every night though.  I would wake up and listen to the ocean, listen to the wild horses make sweet love outside my bedroom window.  (Laughing is not conducive to sleep!) Listen to Mr. Maniac shoo off the horses that were licking our things and carrying off my beach bag.  Eventually, I would fall back asleep.  

Not last night.   I counted it up.  I got about 3 hours of sleep last night.  This is a new thing for me.  Well, over the past several years or so.  Usually, I can fall asleep easily.  Around 4:00 am, I wake up and think way too much.  (Usually there aren’t horses milling around the house).  Last night was different.  For the first time in a very long time I couldn’t fall asleep.  I read my book, played Yahtzee on my Pocket PC, and even tried my Lamaze breathing.  Nothing worked.  I got up and took some Melatonin, and thought that would help.  Nope!  I even took my king-sized pillow and wrapped it around my head thinking it would drown out any light or noise.  Once I discovered I probably looked like a human hot dog, I laughed and let the pillow go.  

When Mr. Maniac’s alarm went off at 5:00 am, I had only been asleep since 2:00 am.  Needless to say, I wanted to take my pillow-bun and smack him on the head with it!  Here’s a picture of Mr. Maniac and me (before the pillow assault):


Please BodyLogicMD, give me my precious sleep back!


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  • Diane

    To be honest, the melatonin is the one thing that did not make a differance for me…not sure why. Great pics…food looks yummy 🙂

  • Monica

    It really isn’t helping me either. I thought it was, but then I slip into major bouts of insomnia again. Are the natural hormones helping you to sleep? Have you tried going without the Ambien?

  • Diane

    Yes, I admit, I am still taking the ambien. The differance is that before starting the natural hormones I would take it REALLY early, like 7 PM! Back then I had no energy yet could not fall asleep and even when I did I would wake up several times during the night. Now I have a more normal schedule…I take it at around 10 and sleep for a good 6 to 7 hours and wake up feeling rested and good to go. I think what has helped me most in this area is the AdreneVive and DHEA SR that my BL doctor prescribed.