Introducing a New Menopause Maniac: Teresa!

Imagine this:

You’re on your feet all day, taking care of the culinary needs of people who may or may not appreciate anything you’re doing, and are likely to skimp on the tips. The kitchen’s hot, but your hot flashes are hotter. You’re having trouble remembering orders, and you just want to bite the heads off of any guest who dares to look at you wrong, much less send something back. Your coworkers are young and thin and have beautiful thick hair, and you’re just sure they’re all talking about how much weight you’ve gained, or how much hair you’ve lost. And then, when you get home, you’ve got two kids (one a teenager, in the midst of her own hormonal nightmare!) and a husband who all expect you to serve them, too!

That was me.

For a while there, I could hardly hold on to my job. I used to just remember anything. I never had to write down an order, and I could recite the menu perfectly on a dime. That was a long time ago. I keep my order pad with me all the time at work, and a note pad when I’m home. And sometimes, I still mess up.

And those young, beautiful co-workers of mine? I used to be just like them. I was skinny. Shoot, I was downright boney for most of my life! And I took pride in my hair. It was thick and dark and curly and beautiful. But then I started growing wider and wider in my midsection, and my hair thinned and those gorgeous dark locks turned grey.

And, oh, the stress! I used to handle it so well. I mean, I had my down moments, sure. But I bounced back. Once the dreaded M-word hit, every little thing just seem unbearable. My eyes would well up with tears for no good reason, and half the voices are heard were suddenly like nails on chalkboard. And of course, everyone was talking about me behind my back. Only, not really. I just thought they were.

Nothing really seemed to help, either. I’d try some natural, herbal menopause remedies, and they’d sometimes work for a little while, but not too well. My doctor had me on antidepressants, and that didn’t seem to do anything at all for me.

It was my husband who showed me the BodyLogicMD website. Weird, huh? But one of his female coworkers had, as he put it, “gone from batcase to office mom.” Someone even had the guts to ask her what was different (and didn’t get his head snapped off for the gall of it – she really must have been feeling better!) and she’d said she’d found an answer to her “change of life” problems.

I’m not sure how PatientHubby got the details from her, but he suggested I check out BodyLogic. I accused him of calling me “batcase” all roundabout, but took some time reading up on bioidentical hormones and how they’ve helped so many women just like me.

When I saw they had a doctor near me, I wasted no time in seeking out more information. I gave some blood and some spit (and to think, Mama always told me spitting was bad!) and had a nice long chat with Dr. Amazing, and I’ve been under his care for about two months now.

And, as my youngest daughter would say, oh my GAWD! I feel so much better! I mean, I’m not really “there” yet.  I still have mood swings and senior moments (I’m too young to be a senior!), but the hot flashes have pretty much stopped. I’m losing weight, too! I’m not where I used to be (and I don’t really expect to get there), but I’ve lost fifteen pounds so far, and it’s still sliding off. And I’ve got the energy I need for work back.

And that’s just the start of my story. I’m Teresa, I’m 52, and I’m a menopausal maniac. I’m glad to be here, and happy to share my story with everyone.

Love and Balance!  🙂



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