It’s All About Balance


I talk about my line of work a lot, but well, what can I say – it keeps me very busy!  For example, I really wanted to share recipes with all my fellow MANIACs, but then I came to the realization that with my schedule, I simply do not have time to cook.

This revelation led me consider how difficult it is for women to find balance in life.  Whether it is taking care of kids, balancing a career or pursuing long-lost hobbies – women are doing and taking care of it all and 24 hours a day never seems like enough!

That being said, as fellow MANIAC always-on-the-go, I wanted to share my “tips and tricks” for finding a little balance in this crazy life!

  • Laundry. If your schedule is all over the place like mine, and you are out the door before the sun is up and home after it has gone down, there is simply not time to complete, load after load of laundry. By the time a week like this ends, there is a pile of laundry in every hamper and I know it has got to be done – or we simply will not have anything to wear next week! Since my time is at a premium, I head down to the local laundry mat with all my laundry, toss in a load and run some errands.  I come back in about an hour, transfer each load into a dryer and finish up my errands – talk about multi-tasking! In 2 hours, I have run all my errands and washed all my laundry. Of course, a longer term approach to solving the laundry dilemma is to teach everyone in the household to do their own laundry. It really pays off in the present. There is much less laundry to do, and in the future, your children’s spouses will love you for it!
  • Eating well on the go. On the go for breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner – there is no time and the drive-through is not an option. That is why I make a delicious low carb shake for breakfast, pack light, yet filling snacks like sunflower seeds or almonds. For lunch and dinner, my grab and go meals are a variety of veggie burgers and veggie steamer bags. These are easily popped into the microwave and ready in minutes – plus with all the different flavors and variety of veggies available – I never get bored!
  • Time with hubby. This is one department I can’t let down.  That is why we ensure that we schedule quality time together – date nights or even just an hour to wind down together at the end of the day – it is very important! Sustaining your relationship is of the utmost importance and so easy to overlook thinking it is just not necessary to “date” anymore, but it is! When I was pregnant with our second child, getting the high school girl in our neighborhood to come over and take care of our little one so we could go to Lamaze Class on Monday nights made us realize how much we had missed “one on one” time together. It has been lots of dates and many years since, but we have tried to keep the “weekly date” a priority. It has been a really important connecting point to keep the intimacy that is so necessary to a successful marriage. Speaking of intimacy, I just have to tell about you about something really fun to do to spice things up…next timeJ.

So, what are your “tips and tricks” for saving time and finding balance? Submit your ideas in the comment box below – the top tips will be featured in future MANIAC Mondays’ posts!    


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